Where Can I Get Custom Made Foam for Speaker Box?

I have a pair of Mirage OMD 28. One of the shipping boxes had to be thrown out after a basement flood. I found a company that will make me a matching box but they don't make foam or styrofoam for their boxes. I need a company who can make foam that will mold around or fit around an 83 lbs speaker inside a box and hold it securely. The Mirage speakers have a rounded cabinet. Any ideas?

I bought a can of "Great Stuff" at Home Depot. It is a liquid that is sprayed out of an aerosol can. The liquid rapidly expands and then hardens. I used it to seal around some pipe openings in the garage wall -- just spray the stuff into the opening and it seals against insects and rodents.

Here's a video that gives an idea of how this stuff behaves:


It's available at other retailers, too, but here is Home Depot's page on it:

Why don't you just pack it real tight with bubble wrap or rolled up newspappers? What is your concern? If you pack tight speaker will not move.
What Jameswei wrote. I would add perhaps buy some scrap solid foam for the outer portion. (and the bottom) then perhaps wrap the speaker in thin plastic wrap, place it in the box on the foam bottom, with major areas filled with solid scrap foam, then spray in the can filler. it will adhere to the foam, and the plastic.
When it is dry, take the speaker out,'It will have the shaped foam spray for you to ship the speaker in. The plasitc left in place on the foam will even help protect the finish.
you can buy 1" or 2" thick 4' x 8' panels of foam at Home Depot. You should be able to make one of these work.

I would use foam instead of bubble wrap...

good luck
+1 Philojet. The Great Stuff foam is EXTREMELY STICKY and it expands more than you think, even when warned. If it gets on the speaker, fughedaboudigt.
I use that spray foam often and will suggest to you, no warn you, not to use it. It gets on everything unless you are experienced with using it (even then it always seems to get on something). And like Swampwalker says, it always expands way more than you think. Yeah, even the low expansion version. If it gets on something, it WILL NOT come off.
Hi Foster 9

Jameswei is got it right. I actually work with spray foam and here is my suggestion. First wrap/bag your speaker with plastic,place it in the box and then spray foam the gaps.The stuff expands a lot so don't use much,the only thing that cleans uncured foam is lacquer thinner.Be careful not to overspray on on surfaces thought,so do it outside.
Thanks, but I'll pass on the spray foam; way too troublesome.