Where can I get components footers ?

I bought a Denon CD player from an AV installer and he threw the footers away because this particular CD player was supposed to be used at a University bolted to a rack. I've taken the rack bracket off the CD player but it is sitting on it's belly now. I called Denon and they don't have them. Any idea where I can find something similar ?
I would use some Black Diamond Racing cones. 3 would be fine. This would give you better performance and do not cost a huge amount. Move them around to where they sound best. Usually near sources of vibration. Mk 4 neutral, Mk 3 softer
Check out Herbie's Audio Lab. You will find what your need for a fair price.
Carbon fiber sounds bad. That goes for shelves, footers and so called musical instruments. Listen for devices that are made from materials such as brass, bronze and tone woods, all materials of music. Tom
Star Sound Audio Points ( Brass ) work extremely well on Digital.......
I would go to brightstaraudio.com and check out the large, stick on Isonode feet. They actually work, and are very cost effective.
I second Herbies Audio Lab. I use several of their products with excellent results.
Unfair generalization of carbon fiber and audio applications? Does this mean all components using carbon fiber sound bad (Wilson Benesch, Marten, Running Springs..)? Components that use so called "music" materials always sound good? Ultimately the component design and application of materials is what counts. FYI..two things 1) If it matters I do not believe the BDR cones are even made of carbon fiber and 2) Many world class musicians use or have praised carbon fiber instruments including Yo Yo Ma, Bernard Haitink, Kurt Masur, Robert Spano...

To circle back to the thread...don't be afraid of using of carbon fiber or alternative materials. Many here on audiogon have with good results.
Superior music starts with superior composition. The choice of space age materials because they are either light in weight and strong, or soft and pliable does not predetermine their quality of harmonic transmission. Space age and race ready are easy terms to sell today even in audio. Use your own senses when listening to a product don't be pre sold with the latest buzz word. Compare several geometric and material types at the same time in the same system. Tom
I would seriously consider a set of Vibrapod isolators which come in various weights to accommodate the component. They work very well on CD players and are very cost efficient. Check out the great website for information.
As I understand the question is about finding replacement footers for the Denon cd player.Most responces talk about aftermarket tweeks.I would check Ebay for footers ,they don't have to be intentical as long as the thread is same to screw them back in.You migh get lucky and find the same ones.Also contact member "Ezekiel" he mods and repairs vintage components and he should know.
Thanks Yioryos,
You are right, that would be my preference since I can resale in a yr or two without any hassles. I don't keep components for too long, you know how did decease works :)
Go to home depot or lowes and look in the specialty hardware bins.You can probably find some feet that will work for you.Like the poster above said,make sure the screws are the correct size.
Just get some Herbies footers. They don't cost much an are very effective. Much better than the stock footer. I also own BDR pucks and cones which have their place as well. So if you can't find the original footers I would go for Herbies. You can use 3 if you want and put one directly under the transport and the other two close to where the originals were.
I also use Herbie's Tenderfeet to great effect. Another option is Sorbothane hemispheres. If you google Sorbothane and get to the Sorbothane website the info. there will guide you. My guess for a Denon CD Player would be 3 or 4 30 Durometer hemispheres would do the trick.

There are many audiophiles who are Sorbothane detractors...don't be misled by anti-Sorbo. buzz. If you buy the right Durometer Sorbo. and mass load your player appropriately, the Sorb. can yield great results for little money