where can I get an analog to digital transfer

I have a rare, out-of-print Duke Ellington jazz record in excellent condition. It has never been re-released on digital. It is Ellington "Live At Newport, 1958."
The reason it has never been released is because it is not live; rather it was a studio recording to which live audience sound effects were added. In any case it is simply extraordinary playing, and also truly great sounding.

Is there anyone who can give me guidance as to who or how I might make a great digital transfer of the LP? I want to find someone with a great turntalbe cartridge setup who can also transfer it to DAT or SACD, or CD.
any help is truly appreciated.
I went to Google and typed in "transfer lps to CDs." I got hundreds of listings. I then typed in "Vinyl Restoration." Got hundreds of more listings. Checked out a few of the sites. They looked professional and promising.
I did that through the radio-station's mixing board.
The machine they had was Alesis for digital and analogue mixing.
I would start with simply making a CD recording from the LP. I use a Yamaha CDR 0651 standalone CD burner attached to my amplifier. Using a dynavector DV20x cartridge (high output) I get exceptional recording quality from a clean LP. If there are minimal scratches the sound quality is quite good. This then makes it easier to transfer from CD to MP3 or wave files if you are wanting to enhance the sound, remove unwanted noises, etc. Depending on the level of sound quality you are looking for would dictate the next step. I bought software called Pinnacle Clean plus which was billed for "audio restoration", but did not have good luck with it- found it to be too labor intensive for minimal sonic gains. If you are not looking to do this yourself, I'm sure there are plenty of studios out there that could do it for you.