Where can I find vifa m11mh-09-08 midrange drivers

Hi guys does anybody know where I can find a pair of vifa m11mh-09-08 midrange drivers for my aerial acoustics model 6 speakers? I have kept my eye on E bay but no luck. I called aerial acoustics and they want way to much . So if any one has a pair or knows where I might look it would be appreciated.
They may be specialized for you speakers. Does Vifa have a web site that can guide you to the right source. I know for my Focal Electra tweeters I had to go through the distributor.
Thanks for the suggestions , looks like I will just have to wait for some to pop up or shell out the 300$ aa wants 😂
If the speaker is damaged maybe Millersound in PA might be able to repair it for you.Bill LeGall is highly respected for his repairs and a conversation with him maybe worth your time.

If interested, I have a pair for sale for $75. They are new. Acquired for a project that new materialized. Stan