Where can I find threaded brass rod for equip rack

I built a rack for my system a few years ago using MDF and threaded steel rods. I would like to try to replace the steel with threaded brass rod, washers, and nuts. Any idea where I might find such a thing???
I got some nuts for ya
For starters, you might try http://www.nolansupply.com/.
Would those teeny, tiny, troll nuts?
Ok i will bite.
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Hey Nrchy, did you check home depot?
They might have stuff like that in thier lamp section. They might be hollow though
Slappy, I need solid brass, not hollow, and I'd prefer 3/4" which makes it even more difficult.
Try McMasters or Graingers. Both should have it.
McMaster Carr has threaded brass rods at 69-72" lengths 5/8 inch right or left hand thread. They are $58.19 each. 5/8" right or left hand thread brass hex nuts at about $4.00 and change each. For a two shelf rack, you are looking at about 320.00 for the rods, washers, and nuts in brass. I've been building different style DIY racks myself (currently have 3 configurations complete), and a two shelf model with large solid rock maple slab shelves and 5/8" brass hardware prices out at around 440.00 for materials.
Yep McMaster-Carr has threaded brass rods. My catalog #106 (page 2791)
list lengths of 2,3,&6 ft. in both coarse and fine threads.
There is also ACME threads (more square 29° vs. the common V
type 60°) but they are in different materails.
Hope this helps.
Wow, I'll check this out! You guys are great!