where can I find record LP guide? class& Jazz

dear folks,
i am looking for regular lp guide(book) ? but i am not looking for audiophile lps guide, i have some already.

Have you seen the Goldmine Record Album Price Guide? It's not great for classical but is pretty complete for pop & jazz.
The All Music Guides are great! IMHO There are AMG books on various styles and the AMG web site, http://www.allmusic.com/ is fantastic. I think that you'll find everything that you are looking for.
the penquin guide for classical music is first rate for reviews.also gramophone has a updated list of all major recordings,along with reviews.you can get the reviews online free of charge.
Most published guides concentrate on recordings currently in print--meaning CDs only. But the allmusic website lists almost everything a given artist has ever put out, so there's plenty there that never made it onto digital. I've found a number of mistakes, but that's inevitable in a database of that size. Overall, a very useful reference.
thanks, as usual audiogon folks are very helpful.
I love ya'll.