where can i find hospital grade IEC plug

anybody knows any website that sells hospital grade AC plug and IEC plug?
thank you
Visit PS Audio's web page they what they claim is an audiophile grade outlets.
Also visit Wattagate's website.

search on Marinco

You will find that Marinco's IEC looks so much like Wattagates it will lead to to believe it is an exact match.
As far as plugs go...Marincos hospital grade are good.
Hubbel can be found at www.newark.com
Try a commercial electrician You'll pay a fraction of the
cost of any "audio" dealer.
$4.90 and $7, respectively. I have compared 10+ 3 prong plugs and the all are essentially the exact the same. As for the IEC's. if you look inside them, the P&S 4300 makes 7x more contact per male blade than any other IEC. Most "pinch" the male IEC prongs between tweezer-like connectors (approx. 1mm x 2mm area per side), Schurter's has flat blades that make contact along the full side of the prong (2mm x 7mm per side), so mechanically they are superior.

The Marincos are excellent, but when I compared them to the forementioned, I just could not justify paying 350% more, besides their IEC still makes 1/7th the contact of Schurter's.

By the way, Marinco makes Watt Gates plugs and IEC's, that's why they look indentical externally. Although, WG gold-plate their more expensive units and have modified the wire locking and blade contact mechanism inside.

PS. I suggest that your replace your wall outlet while you are at it, it makes a noticable difference in backgound noise (it least it did in mine). I suggest the Pass & Seymour 5242 duplex outlet ($2.90), it has a Pit Bull like grip 5 times the normal outlet.

Pass & Seymour components can be found at any major electrical vendor, especially those that cater to contractors and electricians (except the 3 Home Depots near my house). Just call a few in your yellow pages.

The Schurter IEC's can be ordered from www.alliedelec.com
Dark: Have you run across a P&S male IEC plug? I need a couple of male plugs for a project.
Dekay, you can get them at almost any electrical supply house. Stanion & Locke electric in my town. You might try Granger, I believe they are national.