Where Can I Find Good CES Coverage?

This site use to have a link to multiple CES reports, but I can't find anything. What's new and interesting this year?
Check out enjoythemusic.com.
Dave and Carol Clark's coverage at Positive Feedback .com
Good discussion from show goers right here at Audiogon
Try www.hometheaterhifi.com/main.html and audioholics.com.

It's a vast show and complete coverage by one site is difficult.
There were 150k people in attendance this year I'm told.
Here's a link to the new Samsung DLP. http://www.cnet.com/4831-11405_1-6413134.html?tag=next
Some really cool pics ---http://www.shows.soundstagelive.com/shows/ces2006/
We have a few hundred pictures (and eventually, *sigh*, a full report) up at:


Audio Federation,
awesome pictorial coverage! many thanks!
wish (really, really wish) that you would have put a 1-line caption below each pix to let us know who the audio manuf(s) were. There are several pieces of gear I recognize but there are many more that I have no clue (& probably never will! :-( )
Thanks for the kind words, Bombaywalla.

We will do our best with the captions - check our blog to follow the progess reports. We just finally got all the pictures up Thursday afternoon and have a long way to go yet before we get to the final show report.

Of the 1000s and 1000s of components in these rooms, I sometimes think that only their manufacturer knows for sure what they all are...:-)

Yes, thank you Audio Federation. I've come back to your site many times to check out the coverage.

A friend and I have talked about dropping in to hear your Accapella rig and check out your wares if we're out your way from California.

Anyway, well done!