Where can I find/buy blu-tak

I've got a pair of Dynaudio monitors on the way, and would like to use blu-tak to adhere them to the stands. I did a web search hoping to find a place that sells it and came up empty. Does anyone know where I can find this stuff?
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www.audioadvisor.com has BLU-TACK. $9.95. They also have a nice catalog.
You can find Blu-tac on the Audio Advisor website.
Home depot. Phil Brady.
you can get the same thing at office depot, office max, or staples. it's called poster tac.
here is the link for office depot.
Mortite rope caulk, cheaper and more effective.

Plumbing section at Lowes or Home Depot.

Thanks to everyone for the numerous responses. I ended up ordering from another Goner that emailed me off-line.
You ordered blu-tak from another A-goner?


no local Kmart, Walmart, Office Max, Target or any other hardware store I suppose.
Those stores don't sell the genuine made in Australia product. Some folk just want the real thing and will accept no substitutes.

I've tried several of the domestic 'sticky tacs' and most are indeed way too tacky for the job.Genuine 'Blu tack' is NOT overly tacky or adhesive and is much easier to apply and remove IMHO.Go ahead and get some.I was glad I did.Parts Connexion has it for $8 bucks and unless you change speakers like shoes one 'slab' will last for years.
pdreher, I totally agree with mbolddal I would get yourself the yellow poster putty from wallmart...97 cents only.

I have tried the blue tac and have some in my system. It does exactly the same thing as the yellow putty with just a little different feel to it.

Wallmart use to have a blue poster putty, but they don't carry it no more. The blue putty they carried did not keep as well. I have had the yellow stuff in my system for years with great results still.

Everytime my wife goes to walmart she knows to pick up about 7 or so packs cause I am always doing resonance in components and speakers with it. No lie, but there may be over 200 packs of it in my home theater by now!

Happy tweaking.
Freemand... when you say you are using it for "resonance in your components", can you give me some practical examples? I'm sure I will have plenty left over after I use it to attach my monitors to their stands.
Pdreher, One thing I have recently done is resonance of wires. Theres a lot of vibrations inside of most speaker and component wires. I think thats one thing that makes Ricks cables at virtual dynamics so good is he uses resonance control in his wires. Anyway, I put the poster putty on internal wires inside my speaker for instance and then I figure I need to cover the wire with something so its not sticky. I wrap aluminum over the wire thats fully coated with the poster putty. The aluminum may help with the rejection of the rf. I just recently did this and it helped to tonally clean things up and make things have better resolution. It also helped on the crossover and individual components on the crossover. Caps, transisters, etc. That gave better air and dynamics

The main power wire leading into my processor from the power cord to the circuit board near the fuses is quite long. I first bypassed the on off switch in the back of the processor (which proved to be a chock point) and did the same thing on that wire with the putty and aluminum foil. In some components you may wannal be careful with the aluminum though in my processor it's no where near a circuit board. I suppose I could use the aluminum and then some duck tape over that so theres nothing that can be a conductor. Again, it proved to be much more sonically natual. More clear and focused. I am right now in the process of doing some things on the internal ac wires that proved to be mind boggling last night. I am extreamly excited to see how far this will take the components.

I also just stick the putty on the sides and top cover inside the component. I also have small amounts (button size ball) of putty on circuits, transisters, chips etc. You dont wanna over do it put the small amount proved to work well on my processor and dvd player. Its more relaxed and natual.

I have found to many uses for this stuff all for the better though and at 99 cents a package its not costing me much to enjoy great sound.

Freemand, Gumby would be proud!