Where can i find an Aurum Beta S replac. stylus?

I broke the tip on my Clearaudio Aurum Beta S cartridge and would like to know where I could find a replacement stylus
You may not be able to get one anywhere. I got one a few months ago and the dealer said it was the last as the Aurum Beta S was discontinued.

Clearaudio has a new line of MM carts, and I'm sure any dealer (online or brick-and-mortar) should give you some kind of trade in credit.
Find an Audio-Technica AT-95E stylus assembly, and adapt it. If you would like better, use an assembly from a Linn cartridge(K9 or K18?), or even better, an assembly from a Signet 5.0 cartridge. Some of the Signet assemblies exceed the performance of the Aurum Beta S considerably.

DIY skills are required, but you don't have to be an expert because the skill level needed isn't so high.

Good luck! :)
Mosin, I have the same problem as Mbenus. Could you direct me to the instrctions to adapt a sylus toe the Aurun Beta S cartridge? (BTW, I was surprised to read that this can be done, given the "preciseness" involved.)
Mosin, I have the same problem as Mbenus. Could you direct me to the instructions for adapting a stylus to the Aurum Beta S metal body artridge? (BTW, I was surprised to read that this can be done by the user, given the "preciseness" and small sizes involved.)
You need to clip off the wings
Manitunc is right; it's easy. In fact, it is so easy that it will be self-explanatory once you have the assembly in your hands. It's also self-aligning, so there is no need to worry about precision beyond the concerns you would have with a standard user replaceable stylus assembly for any Audio-Technica cartridge, which is really what you have. Clearaudio basically dresses up an AT, and renames it after applying their tweaks.
I agree with above comments. I bought a used Aurum Beta S that needed a new stylus. Went ahead and got an AT-95 Shibata replacement stylus and then sat on it - insecure in what to do (despite detailed instructions available on the web.). Finally got up the courage to cut off the "wings" (which I think is a misnomer - you acually cut the center section out from the surround.) Replaced the stylus assemby. Easy and the result was extraordinarily good. Now in heavy rotation.