Where can I find a value of old amps

I picked up a pair of Marantz model 2 monoblocks from a estate sale. What is the resale value? I usually could find other units for sale on ebay or forums like this to get a idea of what to ask. I can't find much about these on line.

If you could point me towards a link that would help me

Thanks Joe
Here you go
Good find on the Marantz!
Orion blue book
Thanks for your response but when it comes to amps like the model 2's the Bluebook doesn't accurately reflect the actual selling prices.I'm trying to find some recent sales.
you might do a "closed items" search on ebay to see what people are actually paying - after all it's really worth what you can get for it...
Here's a listing with price information that suggests a price range of $1580 to $2250 (each? per pair?) obviously depending on condition, but assumed to be in working order:


Those are prices for each..........so for a working pair $4k is about right.
the value of these amps depends on many factors,what shape are they in on a scale of 1 to 10,are they 100% original with marantz tubes,how good of shape are the internal parts,do you have factory boxes & manuals,do the amps have consecutive serial numbers.

before you go counting your chickens with these amps you need to do a whole bunch of research,if you are not well versed as to the inner workings of these amps & what parts are original & which are not you should take them to a tech who knows vintage marantz gear to evaluate them.

looking at the orion blue book is pretty much meaningless with gear that old,there are way too many factors with highly collectible amps such as the model 2's to use the blue book or classic audio to evaluate them.

my advice would be to have a tech who is highly skilled in vintage amps take a look at them & give you a report & have him include exactly what his findings were in writing & also have him grade them for you,also have him list the tube types & test the tubes & give you a test report on the tubes too.

collectors who seek these amps are going to have a ton of questions for you ranging from what kind of caps are in the amp to weather or not any part of either of the amps have ever been repaired or replaced,what the tubes are & what they test as & weather or not the amps will hold bias.

im not trying to burst your bubble here but i'll gaurantee you that collectors who are knowladgable on the model 2's will want to know the answers to all of these questions plus many more that i did not mention & the answers to these questions are what will in the end dictate the selling price not something printed in a blue book.

if i were in your shoes i would call audio classics & speak to them & explain to them that you need the amps looked over & evaluated & graded,audio classics is without a doubt the best place to have this done.

musicslug also gave some very sound advice,run a closed item search on the model 2's to see what they have been selling for to give your self a reference point.


good luck,mike.

Thanks for the good info ......I'm capable of doing the checking....I've been in the audio repair field for 30+ years a lot of them as the Stereo Doctor of Ct. The problem is finding current sales of this model. The completed ebay search was one of the first thing I tried with no luck. If I Knew where the current high and low limits were I'd know where to price these.