Where can I find a RS1b bass driver?

I have a pair of Infinity RS1b's. Last week I heard a crackle in one of the bass towers. Well, the woofer second from the bottom has the voice coil locked up. I've contacted NeviSonics or woofer.com and he said these are hard to get parts for to do a rebuild. So does anybody know who might have a replacement woofer or maybe parting out a set ect.? The version that I have has the concave rubber surrounds.
Check on E-Bay.

Good luck!!!

Rick (RWD) A very happy RS1-B owner.
Contact Watkins Stereo and Engineering the developer of many of the Infinity woofers they also do speaker repair
Contact Bill Legall of Millersound, (215) 412-7700.

Best loudspeaker repair guy in the business. Infinity woofer repairs, particularly the IRS line and RS1-B, are what he is renowned for. He'll be able to restore them without issue.
Just heard a fabulous SOTA pair this week!Still a fantastic speaker,totally competitive with the best of today's big boys!!
I'd second contacting Bill Legall.
If he can't help,don't stop!!!A great and timeless design,IMO!!!
You may want to consider replacing all the bass drivers with current drivers.I'm sure there are those out there capable of aiding you,here.I know of a fellow,Lewis Mansky,of NYC who could probably help here.A great tweaker/specialist.I'M SURE THERE ARE OTHERS.
I'd check with Bill first.
I've bought a lot of parts(cones/surrounds) from Millersound. A very knowledgeable and pleasant person to deal with! He would be my recommendation as well.
Try the Infinity group over at Yahoo.