Where can I find 1/4 20 speaker spikes???

Have Gallo Classico 3's....can't find 1/4 20 spikes anywhere, including the Gallo boys. Have googled my computer so many times it now wont respond to google.

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Try Adona Corporation. They have many various sizes of cones and spikes.

How many you need ? drop me a line and I can mail you a few


While not the prettiest they hold up, don't dull or bend on the point.

Good Listening

Audio Points have always worked well for me.
partsexpress.com is cheap
You can find them on ebay.
Pbnaudio... You may or may not know this but the spikes you kindly referred Billindie to are the exact same spikes that Sound Anchors uses.
I hit send too soon. I forgot to add that Madisound has a large selection. The Yung YLC are great for the price. I have used many of them. The YBLCs are also very nice if you need extra height. And both come in "G" gold plated versions. Good luck.

Looks like PBNAudio's free spike offer is a winner. Good on ya, PBNAudio!!

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