Where can I demo JBL speakers?

I am interested in the new line of JBL speakers, but when I go to their website, they don't list dealers or for that matter, I had a hard time finding their new line.  I would like to demo the L 100's and 4312G's that are advertised on Music Direct.   I live on Eastern Long Island on the tourist laden North Fork.  I have an old pair of L80 3T's which were my first loves and are now my backups. Any help?
Try contacting JBL and Music Direct and see if they know of anyone in your area that can set up an audition for you. Back when I got my 4319 monitors from Music Direct, the JBL rep had no idea they carried them. They didn't even have the 4319 at their Northridge headquarters. That was over a year ago. Since the introduction of the L100, things may have changed for the better.

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I know there must be a  store in Manhattan that might have them. Call JBL and ask for a rep. I live in NJ , I have a pair of the new classics and really like them. Excellent bang for the buck. They did these right. 
You can always take advantage of Music Directs no-hassle 60 day return policy. I've used it once prior for an expensive amplifier and there were no questions asked.  Of course you are shelling out the $$$ upfront and would have to hassle with the return of some bulky and heavy speaker boxes if you didn't like them but it's a legitimate way to see how the speakers match your system for two months.
I found JBL Co. a total waste when I tried to demo K2s. I was forwarded to the western region manager who never even responded.

The store in Manhattan has one of the worst 2 channel setups ever. Don't bother.

Apparently you can hear the Everest line somewhere in Colorado.
The Harmon Store in New York might still have them. Steve Guttenberg listened to them there a while back. They're at 527 Madison Ave. and their number is 212-822-2777.

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check jbl synthesis dealer
Try Audio Video Logic in Iowa, they have a good selection of current JBL speakers.