Where can I buy Vinyl online?

Like the August and Everything After Counting Crows Albumn.

I listen to allot of pop rock and classic rock, with a light mix of Jazz and Classical.

Thanks for the help.
I get a lot of my LPs from here.
My favorites are -

http://www.amusicdirect.com and
If you are looking for used vinyl try http://www.seymourstuff.com/home.htm

There are links to other sites there as well
A great dealer is bgriffi5@tampabay.rr.com
also.. Ebay has tons of new/used vinyl. Caution ! Grading on used vinyl is very subjective.
Check out the Better Records Web site or E-mail Tom "The best set of ears in town" Port at www.betterrecords.com
He has quite a nice selection of popular rock & pop LPs - including lots of imports - and pays a lot of attention to musicality over hype.
Good Luck, and Happy Hunting!
Ed Goss
One of the best source for vinyl is Acoustic Sounds. Go to http://www.acousticsounds.com/
Check out www.dustygroove.com
Go to Yahoo and there is a large list of dealers. (147 links)


There are additional 60+ listings in Yahoo under Antique/Rare and Used.




Nothing works on your links???
I tried them and they work fine. You don't need them; just go to Yahoo.com and browse there yourself, or use a keyword search like "LP Record" or something.
Here's a great on that I from the crew here at Audiogon......www.gemm.com