Where can I buy Monitor Audio speakers on the web?

I'm thinking of buying a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2's but I'm having a hard time finding a dealer on the net. I have no local dealer. thanks
Have you heard them.If you have not you should.I have yet to be impressed with any of their speakers.
Here is the direct link is to Idaho Multimedia. They appear to sell the whole Monitor Audio Line: http://www.osht.com/highend/speakers/bronze2speakers.htm
Try The Stereo Trading Outlet (TSTO.com). I recently bought equipment from them and they are superb service wise. Prices also good, I think. They are an authorized dealer.
You can find them at: http://www.osht.com/

Natalie: Based on other threads I have browsed, is there anything you like? I am reminded of Mikey of the old Life Breakfast Cereal commercials who hated everything. (I guess you like Sonic Frontiers.)

www.ayselectronics.com is the cheapest place i have found to buy ma speakers. i know others but they are the cheapest.
There is a lot of overpriced over hyped let the sheep follow products out here.
Remeber it better to be smart than rich when it comes to buying audio gear.
I hear a ton of junk that have money marketing hype on theier side and sheep like you that follow.But garbage out.
Monitor Audio is not worth the money they want at its price point.Period.The Marketing they do put the speaker in a higher price range than it desrves to be based on sonic performance.
I dont own one piece of Sonic Gear.I just know whats going on.The factory is 2 minutes from Home.
natalie: Learn proper english and spelling, before you slam a speaker company that has such high reviews. I have heard the silver series and want to purchase an entire home theater group. I wonder what you would think of Monitor Audio if they were 2 miles from your home???
I'll jump on the "don't buy anything without listening first" bandwagon. I listened to so Monitor Audio silver speakers and was shocked at how awful they sounded. Bright to the point of hurting. So......go listen to what your local dealers carry and pick your favorite.
I think Natalie has a point. I am not commenting On Monitor because I have not heard them. I am sure most of us would agree it is not a good idea to buy a speaker we haven't heard. It doesn't make a difference who recommends what, you really have to hear a piece of equipment in your system to know if you like it. Natalie doesn't like Monitor and some of you like them. For Natalie they are bad and for others good. The fact a product got some high reviews means nothing. How many of us have heard or even bought a well reviewed product and were very disappointed. You don't know until you listen. It is not a personal attack.

But I am curious what do you own Natalie?
If Monitor was 5 minutes from here I would be embarrased to admit it.
Reviews are bought and paid for every day in the Biz.
You missed the point which others have not.Dont buy anything you cant hear.
Billybob.Most people listen with thier ears.One's ability to spell and write have nothing to do with thier ability to hear.
Some guys can throw a ball 70 yards some guys can hit 70 Home runs.Some people can write novel's.We can all hear billybob.
i take offense at natalie's remarks towards Monitor Audio.
that company started with zero in this country and with
a few pairs of decent sounding and well crafted boxes.
the mega-giant marketing monster, the well oiled distribution machine, the political money merchants bribing
publishing houses, the madison ave. art dept., dealer support and graft division you allude to are all based in
atlanta. they have a collective name however. they are
called David Soloman. yup. one guy. also answers the phones designs product, personally follows customer issues until resolved along with changing the sparkletts bottle. i understand that he has be given a vice presidency for the parent corp. and global responsibilties. a tip of the hat to him! on top of all this, he is a passionate audiophile
who loves the biz and is dedicated to keeping out the non
music loving corporate carnivores and the "bottom line"
mentality. he knows that hifi is one of the only industries
still guided by it's customers.(except the software end).
mid-fi and hi-fi exist only because of companies such as Monitor Audio (no name dropping for fear of overlooking one)
two global corporations own the majority of u.s. hifi brands
and thankfully they are still chaired by old school audio people. with the efforts independents like Monitor and
the corporate allies us little consumers have, your choices of gear are not limited to pioneer receivers and jbl's.
obviously, i've met Mr.Soloman (twice,actually)and we own some of his product.
think what you will of Monitor speakers,Natalie,that is part of what we share on this forum. But the vacuous statements that far exceed your qualifications and
accuastions of improper,immoral or illeagel actives directed
at parties or individuals that you know nothing about will bite you every time. if not for those you slight, there would be no forum as this for you to hate everything on.

I just got a pair of 3i and a pair of 5i and a 10i are on their way. Before I got them I when and auditioned about 2dz speakers including, b&w, revel, genesis, paradigm, psb, mission, mirage and nht. Out of all of these speakers I got the ma. They were not the best speakers I heard. The b&w cm series and the revel were slightly better. However they are not worth 3-4 times the price of the ma. The ma speakers are not bright at all. They were the most lay back of all the speakers I heard. They are very neutral speakers. I really liked the revel but couldn't get myself to spend 2G on a pair of bookselfs.

Having said all that you still have to listen to the speakers yourself. Speakers reviews are 99% subjective. All the speakers I auditioned got good reviews. Especially the paradigms. I heard the monitor series and think they are just horrible. The refence series aren't bad but for the money better speakers can be had. However many people like them. Just go and listen first. My .02, peace.

When I sit in front of a speaker that sell's for 5k I should be left with a good feeling.
This does not happen when I sit in front of Monitor Audio gear.
One Local dealer has it set up with CJ gear and uses A3CD Player.This set up should sound good.It does not.its not musical.Just lacking and does not get me taping my foot.
At an Audio show they dealer had A Musical Fidelity Nu Vista set up pre amp Cd player and Various Monitor speakers.
Sounded ok but for the $ involved it did not get me exicted.I took the same CD to other rooms and listened to many systems that where more involving.
My main comment was do not buy without listining to a speaker.
Listen for yourself.
You don need to be smart to figure out that audio magazine's are in the business of selling add's.Thats all they do.Do you think they will give a negative review to anyone who takes out full page color add's.
Monitor is not a one man band.
The North American Distributor is based out of Pickering Ontario East Of Toronto.Kevvro International.They are a large Conglomorate.