Where can I buy long interconnects

i need long interconnects between my pre and amp. or where could i buy decent quality parts and make my own? thank you
Look no further than audiogon! Lots of custom cable makers advertise here. I have had good luck buying speaker cables from HiFiDreams.
See this site:


Not sure if worth building your own inexpensive cables though, these people install Canare and guarantee their work for about what it costs for raw parts out on the web.
go to your local guitar shop,in my case a store called 'guitar center'you will be able to find any length you want plus they also stock any type you need,rca,xlr,xlr to rca ect.

the costs usually range from $1.50 a lft to $5.00 a lft & the build quality is fantastic plus you get a 30 day cash back no questions asked gaurentee to boot.

Not sure what you mean by long.
I have a 2 meter Ridgestreet Audio Poimia !! Signature for sale on Audiogon Classifieds right now.