Where can I buy HTIB from US to ship to Spain?

I live in the US and want to buy a Home Theatre in a Box for someone in Spain. Since US gear uses 110V, it is not suitable for use in Europe which I believe uses 220V. I tried Amazon.uk, but they do not ship out of the United Kingdom. I tried a Spanish site and was told they do not accept credit card payment outside the European Union. In addition, in Spain the same system costs nearly twice what it does in the US. Does anyone know a good way to do this?
I have made purchases by phone and on-line with merchants based all over Europe without a hitch. Is the real issue that this could be viewed as a third party transaction ... i.e.: billing and shipping addresses, as well as the names are not the same and the billing/shipping parties are on different continents? Assuming that you are paying by VISA or Mastercard, you could try ... eBay Spain or any global vendor that uses Paypal. As for the price difference ... that's how it goes once you are outside the US, UK, and APAC (where all this stuff is made) markets.

Regards, Rich
Beware that unless the DVD section, if it is included in this HomeintheBox package cannot decode PAL, as it is the TV format in Spain, then it will be a dud. Furthermore, am I right to remember that Spain's voltage is about 220-240 volts? All in all, things you need to consider before trying to save some money.