Where Can I Buy Boxes to Ship LP's In?

I have some LP's I would like to sell, but I need boxes to ship them in. Can anyone tell me where I can get the type of boxes that Music Direct and other online retailers use?
I beleive 'Bags Unlimited' can help you out.
U-Haul has boxes specifcally for LPs.
$1.68 per mailer... and some folks ask why LP's are so expensive on the 'net when you can buy'em cheap locally? The mailer plus your time and it doesn't make sense to sell'em for less than $5 a copy. There ya have it folks!
If you go to the post office they will give you Priority Mail boxes for free if you use Priority Mail to ship with. The boxes are great for records if you flatten them out.
Thanks for the suggestions. This has been very helpful.
Bags unlimited: 10 cost @ $1.63
buy 100 and the price per mailer drops to: $0.83
buy 1,000 and the price drops to $0.53
I suggest you buy them by the hundred...
Or if you still use LPs, buy some and save the mailers. I have at least 40 sitting in the closet myself (I discarded a dumster full already!!!)

uline.com I believe