Where can I buy B&W shipping boxes?

Both for monitor and floor standing models.
Hi, I just recently sold a pair of 703's and didn't have the boxes anymore. You can call B&W customer service and see if they have any boxes.

They are awfully expensive and in my case weren't available at all. Maybe just post here in the wanted section and see if somebody is willing to sell theirs.
Why don't you obtain boxes from a shipping Company and/or have them boxed up by them??? Mayflower moving, paul Aprin ect, ect.....
if your b&w have the top mounted tweeter, I would highly advise against shipping them without the specifically molded B&W packaging materials...

call the North America group up in MA (978) 664 2870. They can let you know if they have the boxes. Yes, they are expensive - boxes for some N804 I used to have were something like $150 for the pair. But if you really want to ship the speakers and want them to survive, it will save a lot of headaches.