Where can I buy an infrared switch?

Does anyone know where I can buy an infrared controlled switch? here's my problem....My home theater power amplifier (Theta Dreadnaught) does not have a remote control. Its power is controlled by a 5 volt momentary pulse that takes it from standby to power on (or off). A 5 volt momentary pulse to a different connector toggles it between 2 channels on and 5 channels on.

So, what I want is a IR receiver that will receive an infrared command and momentarily close a switch to a 5 volt circuit. A second IR command sent to the controller will momentarily close a different circuit that will send a 5 volt pulse to the other connector, switching the power amplifier between 2 channel and 5 channel modes.

Where can I buy this or find plans to build one?
Go to smarthome.com They have an infrared switch for 110V so you would have to get a 5 volt DC adaptor (radioshack should have one). Buy two switches and two adaptors. You can program the switches for any IR code.
From Smarthome you will need:
2 #2010 X10 universal modules (110v but has low volt contacts that can be set to 2 sec momentary closure)
1 # 4040 IR receiver
1 5v power supply from Rat Shack as Abstract suggests

You will need a remote that can send X10 IR commands if you don't already have one.

If you need more details on how do wire it up send me an e-mail.
RAP is right. They used to sell 2035 IR which would have made things a little easier. But I went to their site, to find that it is no longer available. When I bought it they warned me that they lose their IR code. I've never had this problem and really like not using X-10 as I worry about the RF on the AC lines.
Thanks, I think I learned what I need to know!