where best to spend $2-3000 upgrade dollars in my system

Looking for help/opinions on where to best spend upgrade dollars in my system and recommendations.

Here's my current set up:

Musical Fidelity A300CR dual mono power amp

Musical Fidelity A3.2CR dual mono preamp

Musical Fidelity A5 CD Player

Kyocera T910 digital tuner

VPI Aries Scout with Dynavector MC 2x20 cart

Klipsch Cornwall II speakers

Also using Monster Cable Z2 Reference speaker cable, Cardas micro-twin phono cable, Van Den Hul D102MKIII cable for CD, and KimberKable PBJ for the rest

Lastly, using Furman Elite 15DMi line filter/power conditioner

Look forward to hearing ideas, thanks

My first set of question would be:

Are you in need of any room treatments and/or have you installed any?

Do you have dedicated circuit breakers for your audio components?

Are you using high-grade AC outlets for your audio components?
A nice separate tube phono preamp would be a nice addition. There are many nice ones within your budget!
Work on the power side of the equation: wall, distribution/conditioning and especially power cables.
Just noticed you have two threads on the same topic. Perhaps you can delete one?
Your Klipsch Cornwall's are the limiting factor in your system. How about a new pair of Ohm Walsh's for $3K? Easy to setup and 3D imaging from ANYWHERE in the room! A sadly overlooked brand! I own a pair and they are competitive with ANY multi-kilobuck speakers!


thanks, I have really been considering that.

Any recommendations in the $1000 range?


I have no room treatments so therefore probably am in need of them....

I do not have dedicated circuit breakers or high grade outlets. where would I find these high grade receptacles? are they wired the same or does the room need rewiring?


ive always been intrigued by the look of the ohm speakers and their unique design, never had an opportunity to hear them.

how are the Ohm speakers at lower volumes? are they efficient or take a lot of power?


According to the shills for TC and SR, you can totally transform your system to “a proverbial jaw dropping experience” with any number of snake oil tweaks. The claim is that these tweaks are better than any equipment upgrade. Magically the tweaks can transform any system from a pigs ear into a silk purse.

Of course YMMV.
If the Dynavector is the high output version, this Croft RIAA at a grand would be a nice upgrade!
@bksuperphon2, In my opinion, most systems will improve if they are powered by at least one (but two or three would be better) dedicated 20 amp circuits with each circuit having its own 20 amp breaker. Would require work performed by someone that knows what they are doing or a licensed electrician.
The upgraded AC duplex outlets could be installed where your current outlets are. I prefer the Furutech GTX-D Rhodium or the Furutech GTX-D NCF(R) outlets. If you don't want to spend that much money, I also like The Porter Port AC outlet that Albert Porter (Audiogon member sells). Not to long ago I saw Alberts ad for the outlets ($41/each) but I don't see them currently, or I missed them.
You need someone with a trained ear to listen to your music with your rig to determine if you are in need of some room treatments. Or you could research the topic on your own, online.
If you wanted a tube Phono Preamp I would suggest the Allnic H-1201.
My Ohm Sound Cylinders don't seem to require much power (Carver TFM 15CB) and sound fine at low volume. I am really impressed by the "holographic" effect they produce even when placed poorly in a room. Unlike ANY conventional box speaker!
@ bksuperphon2 - I believe your cables are your weakest link!

Take a look at KLE Innovations cables
For IC’s start with the gZero3’s
For Speaker cables use the gZero6

Don’t be put off by their appearance - they put all of their R&D dollars into performance - not looks

The speaker cables may look skinny, but even the gZero2’s trounced my Van den Hul D352 10 gauge speaker cables - across the board, but especially in bass depth and control.

Their IC’s trounced my VDH D102 MKII’s - again, across the board
Their digital cable also bested my VDH spdif cable

I have compared the gZero3 IC’s to silver Kimber XLR products on a friends $50K+ system and the gZero3 came out on top

Also take a look at their power products

Take a look at their web site and read some reviews...

I have tried most all of their products and not one has failed to please.
They will allow your system to "BREATH"

Regards - Steve


thanks for the recommendation.

looked at the website, will definitely consider giving them a try.


do you have the Ohm F?

What seems to be the deal about it having to be "rebuilt" after several years? most owners I saw mention that....


Quadraspire X-Reference rack.  The room treatment suggestions are also great.  I would never have believed the quantum leap in every aspect of sound reproduction a great stand can produce had I not experienced it myself.  Best of luck.
I have the Ohm Sound Cylinders. Nothing like the problematic F's!  Contact John Strohbeen at Ohm in Brooklyn, NY. He can build you a pair in any finish you desire for a reasonable price! I will say this over and over again: these are AMAZING and REVOLUTIONARY speakers! I rate them as good as the German-made MBL's ($60K) for a fraction of the price! They put the musicians right in the room with 3D "holographic" imaging! 
Well as lak and others have stated first start with the AC power.
No matter what equipment changes you do in the future it will always be the foundation.

Here is my order of importance.

1. Dedicated circuits using 10 or 12 gauge wire (I have 3 for Digital, Analog, and subs).

2. Furutech GTX outlets. Don’t cheap out on this important part of the AC power foundation.

3. I really like the Core Tech balanced power conditioners.

4. Quality power cords. I really like the Cerious Matrix.

5. Room treatments, ASC traps, Synergistic HFT’s etc.

6. Interconnects, speaker cables. I really like the Cerious Matrix. (some may be replaced after #7 below.)

7. Then down the line investigate changing equipment.



thanks for the info.

Are you familiar with the Porter Port outlets lak had mentioned?

Where could I order the Furutech GTX outlets?


No, but I have seen the Porter's mentioned many times in the forums though.

To me, getting behind the audio rack to install a outlet is a pain. So, even though the initial cost is more I would rather install the best and be done with it. 

The Furutech outlets can be purchased by many on line audio parts suppliers. The first one to come to mind is VH Audio but there are many. Even on EBay they're available. But caution, the China ones may be knock offs.

ozzy covered it all. I would, however, recommend the Furutech NCF duplex over the GTX (R or G) having tried all of them. It costs a little more but as ozzy said "don't cheap out".
If you are going to replace recepticals take a look at ...


They grip like a vice and allows superb details and imaging to be heard

I use them throught my house and they perform extremely well

Regards - Steve
A used Equitech 2Q
Lots of good advice listed in the recommendations above!
How are you going to decide where to spemd your funds?
You can try the 2Q with all equipment except digital,which would stay on the dmi. You could let us know your findings. 
What what do you think of trying additional isolation/conditioning? I was startled at the improvement in my Spectral,MIT system with a Lexicon RT20. 


after contemplating all these suggestions, i think i will start with receptacles and wiring in the room. then probably play around with room treatments, try some new cables and then find a nice tube phono preamp....in that order

Sounds like a good plan, I commend you for it ;-)
When you are ready for tube phono preamp, and there are many good ones available be sure to take a look at the Allnic H-1201 tube phono amp.
Good plan! If considering dedicated lines into room you might try plugging your amps and preamp directly into outlet, bypassing power conditioner. Use power conditioner for digital gear. Results vary depending on quality of power coming to house. I would also be inclined to consider the new preamp prior to cable changes. 
If you haven't already:
1)Furutech NCF wall outlet.Regardless of the level of your system, lowering the floor noise by using this- considered one of the best- outlets will improve the sound2) Upgrade the fuses in your components. Any after market fuse will sound better. I've tried a lot and the Synergistic Research Blue fuses are by far the best I've tried.3) Better Interconnects. I'm using high fidelity Ultimates now. Very pricey but easily the most profound improvement i've ever made. Their entry level Reveals at $700/meter are suppose to be fabulous for the money.4) Better power cords with quality plugs.5)Some   Noise Harvesters from PS Audio and,  in general, any tweaks or upgrades that's going to lower floor noise.Less floor noise, more inner detail is revealed, the more dimensional  and realistic will be the sound stage.6) MC-0.5 from High Fidelity will improve the quality of the AC feeding your system. Better bass, more effortless sound, lower floor noise.
7) Try some HFTs from Synergistic Research on your walls to improve the acousticshope these tips help. happy listening.

Do not agree that your speakers are your limiting components, they are and asset.