Where are the young audiophiles?

I find it alarming that 95% of all audiophiles are seniors.According to a consultant at my local HI-FI store,young people don't seem interested in high-end equipment.They listen to music on their phone.Sooner or later, all the great neighborhood HI-FI stores will not be able to remain open. Kind of sad,don't you think?
The disease of audiophilia is an expensive one. Young folks don't have the coin to play this game. 
@jundaku - I think you're on the right track.  It's hard to really get into the true audiophile level gear until later in life when you hopefully have more disposable income.  I'm a 43 year old family man and over the last 15ish years have purchased more audio gear that I should have and I'm still playing on the low end of things.  I'm currently into the game about $10,000 in round numbers including a  home theater receiver and two stereo integrated amplifiers.  I think that the audiophile world is likely always going to be primarily supported and "financed" by the older generation.
I visited a local audio shop that opened its doors here in Minneapolis just last November.  The two proprietors are Gen X, and they see plenty of opportunity coming as their generation and younger elevate in incomes, and they see LP's as the gateway for this.  Vinyl has gotten some of the younger generations connected with the joy of actually devoting time to just listening to music as an intentional experience.  And, then, when you get to hear it done really well....there's always a very small slice of the populace who just have to hear it like that.  They're hooked!  It will never be a big slice, and it never was.
This is as tough as realities can get, but haven't seniors always been prime fodder for predatory sales tactics? In a time when anyone can buy a damn fine sounding amp IC for less than $5, and educational resources are abundant, it's going to get harder and harder to sell copper wire for $50 per foot. 
Add to that how ultra-elitist the ’hobby’ is. It’s not just about spending more money than 99% of people can afford. You also need to have ears sophisticated enough to be completely floored by the difference a single capacitor made. So it’s really only accessable to those upon whom God bestowed both outrageous wealth AND ears more sensitive than an oscilloscope. It’s a bit of a niche demographic, see?