Where are Moerch arms sold?

I just received my VPI armboard (undrilled), now I want to try a new arm, looks like a Moerch is a good option (price/performance), but just can´t find the dealer.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

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If you're in the USA:

In the UK:

They also turn up pretty frequently on the used market here on A'gon.
Thanks Doug, I´m on track now.

try soundsrealaudio.com
txs, I will
there is no support for this product no parts no repair its junk after you need any sort of help i more or less junked my arm and replaced with a diferent item after spending a year with heinz heindrich what a night mare no support of any type just lip service no parts no help.
that sounds like a nightmare scenario.  and I was thinking of one in my future
I have never had a problem at any time with my dp6 - what support do you need??
Don't buy a moerch there is absolutely no support or service for this item whatsoever the entire company seems to be one fellow it'll far away and who builds them I own this tonearm and although I liked it it is impossible to get it serviced repaired Parts anything the guy wanted a hundred euros just to talk to me just to talk to me you know honestly it's a disaster I needed a small part for it I had to jump the whole tone on the only way you can get this thing fixed it to take it off your table and ship it to this guy in the middle of nowhere with a huge amount of money and hope you get it back within the year it was the worst experience I've ever had he has Distributors if you Google to tell him you'll see there are people that sell this nightmare meanwhile the turntable I bought from George Merril 30 years ago I picked up the phone and called the same phone number he had 30 years ago and he picked the phone up when out of his way to help me rebuild my table for next to nothing look at Graham look at triplanar buy yourself a vintage Grace go through the recommended list don't buy them or you can't get it fixed you can't get service on it you can't get parts it was a major nightmare for me
The problem is relating down $5,000 for a piece of equipment any piece of equipment and when the time comes that you need an arm clamp or you need technical support or you need to wait or you just need to think service that mean sooner or later everything you buy is going to need to have something done to it there is no service we had a DP six or more than 20 years and it was a great tone on until I needed self service at that point it became junk I don't like these people that build transports don't have Parts years later when you have to junk your $10,000 piece cuz it can't be updated anyway that was my experience I would never own a mortgage product horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible
Once again the moerch a great sounding tone on the problem is there really is not much in the way of support or service I really just couldn't understand spending that much money on something and not being able to get a part for it or get service in my case the small clip that holds the tonearm on broke I couldn't get it replaced I mean I I worked with all their Distributors I called Hans Henrik moerch I emailed after by the year we gave up and jumped it total joke
Once again the moerch a great sounding tone on the problem is there really is not much in the way of support or service ... in my case the small clip that holds the tonearm on broke I couldn't get it replaced
That's awful. I'm always sorry to hear about problems such as this. Did you try contacting Hart at Audio Advancements? I think he was once a U.S. dealer.
I am a serious audiophile  I cannot emphasize enough the effort I put into trying to get my moerch fixed we actually had people that no longer distribute much that would  at one time that called on my behalf to help me this is just a nightmare product if the whole company from what I can see was one guy and really unless you want to ship your arm to the middle of nowhere and wait a year it's a disaster at one point I was told by Hans Heinrich I'll be in California in the winter time you can ship it to me there I mean are you kidding me
In the end we got rid of it and we upgraded to a triplanar the moerch was a fabulous sounding tonearm the problem was I couldn't get technical support or service at any point it was really a disaster forget about any parts if you buying a brand new in a box and having it put on it'll be great for a long time but at some point down the road everything needs service everything breaks everything needs a part everything has something happened to it everything needs to be serviced I've never had a problem like this with any of my watches my car's any of my exotic items I would never own a product from this company again I just that's my own experience good luck to everybody out there I'm just one guy you're going to find a lot of people that love this tonearm and I'll tell you different but this is just my experience
Perhaps I should not butt in, because I have never owned a Moerch tonearm, although I admire them from afar, but is it not the case that Sorasound are dealers for Moerch?  Since Mehran (owner of Sorasound) has an excellent reputation for follow-up service, I would have thought he could help you, even if perhaps you did not purchase your Moerch from Sorasound.  Can you comment? Thanks.
Lots of talk about problems but few details.  I had a DP-6 for several years and was very pleased with it.  I never ran into any problems but if I had I would have contacted the dealer from whom I bought it.  That's one of the advantages in dealing with a bricks and mortar dealer.

sadly the uk distributor from 2002 when I bought it sold up.
I thought would Sora sound directly for over a year pawsitively polite and sweet and genuinely friendly the bottom line is my arm didn't get fixed I had a very small problem the clip holding the tone on sale and I need another clip no matter what I said or did I could not get a part from anybody eventually I was told I would have to mail the arm 200 when he came to the United States and went to California months later at a certain point they agreed to sell me the clip for $300 however putting it into another story I would have to pay a hundred euros just to talk to him to explain how to put the clip in but even after I was willing to do that I couldn't get it fixed the problem really is basic I couldn't get a part to ensure proper operation I mean I'm not I'm not angry with anybody but I was forced to buy a completely new on because I just couldn't get this thing fixed it's a small company it's one guy who makes it if you want any kind of service on it if you got to go through hurdles to mail it to this guy in another country you got to take your whole system apart there's no service is no support it was our total Horror Show I initially contacted George Merril who built my table who I believe used to be a dealer he tried to help me get this thing fixed but was unable this is not uncommon I can't tell you how many manufacturers will sell you a digital transport only to find out some of his way there are no parts for it very common situation and hi-fi not angry about it I just couldn't get it fixed I just couldn't get it fixed I called I spoke to people who distributed them told me that he didn't have the clip somewhere around $500 overhauling the arm which I didn't want to go I was forced to buy a different one and I just gave up on it if you buy any legitimate product to triplanar service department to somebody that deal with you I can't tell you what a horrible horrible experience I had with this product
Eye contact with the old white border from who basically told me I don't sell that product anymore and we'll just leave it at that I then called his current distributor and like I say after a year of trying to get this thing fixed and and playing around with these guys and playing phone tag with everybody under the sun I gave up everybody was more than polite everybody was more than friendly and nice and everybody assured me they were going to take care of me but a year later I still didn't have the two big part I needed to fix the table and I gave up
Nu it's a shame that these guys will take your five or $10,000 on a really high-end piece of equipment but when you need a little help or customer support of service is an awful lot of guys out there that run the other way Take the Money and Run and that's really a shame cuz I bought a metal table and 30 years later George rebuilt it to me answer the same phone number you had 30 years ago and was nothing less than reasonable polite and extremely accommodating
A lot of people really have defending is going on but I'm telling you it's a tiny company it's like one guy's building it getting it serviced was a disaster trying to get parts for it was impossible eventually going to fix my tone on quip I was told I could mail it to the manufacturer but only when he came to the United States months later and I would had and I can have the whole tone arm rebuild which I didn't want to do
My problem is on mydp 6 which I bought brand-new from auth dealer  distributor the little clip that holds the tonearm failed I then contacted the distributor I bought it from who told me he didn't handle the product anymore for a variety of reasons I won't discuss I then contacted the new distributor this was a very interesting one year experience I wrote to the manufacturer I spoke to the authorized distributor and over a one-year period of time I was unable to get the part anyway you could imagine I was initially told he didn't have the part and I was told I could buy the part for $250 then I was told I can mail the Armand to be overhauled then I was told that I had to wait to mail the rman because the manufacturer is coming to this country 6 months later then I was told it was going to cost me a hundred euros to talk to hunt Heinrich to figure out how to put the part on myself although everybody was polite friendly and assured me it would be taken care of a year later I gave up and go to triplanar I cannot tell you how really pissed off I am when you go out and spend this kind of money on a piece of equipment you shouldn't have to sing and dance for a small part the guy could have stuck this little clip in an envelope and mail it to me and I would be singing the Praises and I would have ended up buying more of his products instead I have a lifetime now and bitterness and anger I am really upset there's no reason I had to go out and lay down 15 grand to buy another arm when they all know that I had should have been taken care of by the manufacturer there is much too much of this type of thing going on people in the Hi-Fi are not suckers they should be treated with respect you buy a Rolls-Royce you don't expect the deal to tell your five years later they don't make an oil filter for it