Where are King Super Analogue LP's pressed?

A few months back, I ordered a King Super Analogue LP which was clearly pressed in Japan. Recently I ordered a few more and was surprised to see that they were all made in U.S.A. Not a big deal, I want the recordings and they sound good to me. But I'm curious, were the King re-issues pressed in both countries? Some in Japan, some U.S.? Is there any noticeable difference in quality? Tks.

I am thinking their a Japanese company.I would say if they don't have access to the tapes than some are pressed in Japan and some in the USA.
I was told by Elusive Disc that the U.S. made King Super Analogue LPs were pressed at RTI. Quite a few years ago new production for the U.S. market shifted to being pressed in the U.S.
did the japanese pressing have an OBI? just curious
Yup, both the Japanese LP and U.S. LP's have obi's.

Yup the japanese pressings had obies and loose shrink wrap.
i thought an obi represented 'made in Japan'. maybe today companies are taking liberties with this enigma