Where are Conicident Speaker Technology electronics made ?

Where are Conicident Speaker Technology electronics made ?
I'll echo Charles1dad. Superb amps, beautiful design, sound great...I do not care for all the negative innuendo lately on Audiogon. Blume has always treated me fairly. mikirob
While I accept the notion the Coincident products are manufactured in China I dispute that the output, power and interstage transformers are Chinese made. Israel is adamant that these double C core transformers are made in Japan. People who have more intimate knowledge of the company than I do support Israel’s statement. I have no reason to question this unless someone can provide actual contrary evidence.

In a sense a moot point in that as I, Brownsfan, cal3713,Thaluza, grannyring and mikirob attest to, they produce superb sound. To be clear I am referring  to the transformers in the Frankenstein MK II, Dragon, Turbo 845 mono blocks and the Statement Line Stage (and phono stage). The lower priced Dynalmo may be the exception in using Japanese transformers. Even so the Dynamo has excellent sound quality per word of mouth from many owners.
I’m in total agreement with Charles and Mikirob. 

I’ve owned the Frank 2 and the statement preamp. I found them to be of excellent quality and never experienced any issues in four years of use. 

Israel has been nothing but responsive to every email I’ve ever sent him with NO negative issues. 
Hi mikirob,
I've been an active Audiogon participant for 10 years and have really enjoyed the interaction and exchanges. I same as you have noticed a change for the worse in the past couple of years.  Definitely an increase in trolling and a general negativity. I do miss the comarderie and closer knit vibe of the past.
I didn’t intend for any of my posts to be negative or to bash their products, but was just trying to answer the question which was raised with the best information I could find. No matter where they are made it’s clear that Coincident has many happy owners of their products.