Where are Conicident Speaker Technology electronics made ?

Where are Conicident Speaker Technology electronics made ?

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I am just wondering when people say built like a tank or great build quality what do they actually mean?  Are they familiar with audio designs?  Do they make their own equipment?  Just how do they know this?  What makes a great design or build quality in their opinion?

@brownsfan - I understand completely.  In building components the PTP wiring does look messy but the sound is much better when we did the comparisons.  On the PLUS side, if you keep things long term, there are no circuit boards that tend to cause issues over time.  PLUS I can install large caps, etc. for better sound quality.  You can see some of what we do under my member name and stuff here on Agon.

I have heard the issues with dealing with the owner of Coincident from a few dealers and owners.  But that is a small sample and I do not have first hand knowledge.  For the build quality, I have modified the preamp and amps, they are decent quality for the price point and as long as the owners enjoy the sound, then that is what counts.

Happy Listening.