Where are best places to buy used records in NYC ?

I just bought a new table and am trying to find a good source for used LP's in my area.
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What sort of Music you looking for?
Really anything that sounds good. I mostly listen to Classical, but I like Rock and Jazz too.
Academy Records
Don't go to Colony records in Times Square, I went by there and they allegedly have vinyl downstairs but they treated it like Fort Knox and would not let me down. Good luck to em....
Bleecker Bob's in the west village was always the place to go for vinyl, it has a cult-like following for vinyl. Web site under construction is www.bleeckerbobs.com. You can still get the address and contact information on the web site.
Academy Records is so great, but the selection is thinning these days....
"Jazz Record Center" 236 W 26th st - great Jazz records
"Academy" 96 N 6th st Brooklyn - lots of nice cheap records
"Academy" 12 W 18th st - mainly jazz and rock

Happy hunting !!