Where are all the Sason users

Not much press on these speakers anymore it's been a while since i've heard anything
Does Robert still make it out to the shows ?
Hey Musicfile.

I rarely play on the boards anymore - not enough days in the hour. Hell, I probably wouldn't have seen this except I was alerted to it.

I'll be at RMAF this year but no plans to exhibit.

Sason Ltd/Si is available. As far as I know, most of our Sason clients aren't big board users or board followers. Just had an enthusiast and his wife here last week to audition the Sasons. We had a very nice time and they were very impressed. :)

Hope you're still enjoying yours.

Hi Robert
I'm still enjoying mine
I am thinking about upgrading the cross over caps any good choices you've experimented with and like the sound of ?
Hi Robert
Any cross over upgrades you recommend
What caps should I look at

yes this is an old thread

Curious anyone still using the Sasons in there setup

Not much news anymore on these fabulous speakers


I still have them and for what good bookshelves go for these days they are the steal of the century

Unfortunately most users have disappeared

Any comments appreciated