Wher can I find good info on set up of cartridge?

I have a Well Tempered Classic and need to install a cartridge.I purcahsed the Hi-Fi News Test Record and am waiting for delivery. Any quirks with this record? Help!
Here's one resource for instructions:

Cartridge Installation Instructions

Good luck!

The FAQ at AudioAsylum has a bunch of GREAT artilces about cartrdige set-up alignment and other issues.

Look here:
the free cartridge alignment tool from enjoythemusic.com works great
I once attended a lecture at a high end audio shop about how to properly set up your phono cartrige. The net result was that I learned about so many sources of error, and how many of them can only be approximately corrected (for when the stylus is located halfway into the record) that I went away and bought a linear tracking table and arm. If it is well designed, linear tracking solves all your problems. Mine works great.
If you are interested in adding a couple of good reference works to your library there are a few good books available. Laura Dearborn's book "Good Sound" has a chapter on the subject as does Robert Harley's "Complete Guide to Hi-end Audio."

Both books offer lots of valuable advice in other audio related areas, such as system set-up and speaker positioning.

If you see one, or both, I'd suggest snapping them up!