When your system gets a cold

Over a period of time 5-7 weeks my system has become increasingly bright without any changes on my part. I thought maybe its because Im just getting used to my system and its the critical listener in me. My girlfriend also has noticed loud passages had become harsh on CD and Vinyl too. We changed speaker placement and tone controls on speakers but not much difference. I even lowered the VTA on tonearm. I then took out my KCAG cables and put my old copper Tara lab cables in. Its helped a little with the harshness but with loss of detail and smearing of images in the lower freq. I then put my KCAGs back into my cable cooker for 5 days and burnt them in good. To back up. When I got my silver cables 10 years ago they sounded a tad harsh even after burning in for 24 hours. Then I burned them in a solid week!!! All the harshness was gone and no detail was lost! I also cleaned all connections thoroughly and retreated with Walkers SST silver contact treatment. I also turned up the freq on my Power regenerator to 105 hz from 60hz and turned down voltage to 112 from 117 default. My system sounds great now. A lot of enjoyment was lost but now I look forward to each and every listening session. Now what made my system get shrill? I have some theories. 1. Static had creeped into my cables. 2. The SST treatment had got old and by not cleaning my connections for several years. 3. When I unplugged cables the static went away. 4. Reburning in cables made the difference. I have read you should unplug everything for a while every month to prevent static. My girlfriend is a critical listener as well and listens with me 90 percent of the time. She has also heard these changes. I have a PS 1000 regenerator with clean sweep and multiwave but cant use these because of it keeps blowing fuses so I use the other settings instead. I did use a clean sweep 2 weeks ago with benefits but it blew a fuse after I used it several times. I sent it back 2 years ago to factory they said it tested fine on bench. Anyway I also have A Bryston 14 BSST 600 watt amp, Adcom GFP 750 preamp, Acoustech PH1-P phono preamp,Sony SCD XA5400ES CD player, Acoustic Signiture final tool TT with platter upgrade, Graham 2.2 tonearm, Benz wood S cartridge. And Nak dragon, Tandberg 3014A, HK CD491 and Nak 700II are my decks. Id like to hear your opinions and has anybody else came to these same conclusions about static and its affects on electronic equipment? Id say give yourself a cheap upgrade and unplug everything. Mike
I've had almost the opposite experience . I never unplug or even turn off my system but a few months ago i had to shut it down to clean one particular interconnect that always gets dirty , before I could finish the daughter needed a ride somewhere and I didn't get back to the system till the next day . When I fired it up it sounded sterile and cold , I tried different sources but to no avail , I checked everything and it was all as it should be . I left the system run and within a few days the sound returned to it's former excellence .
there are many ways to tune a stereo systems. the easiest to change are cables and tubes.

if you are fortunate and have more than one amp and/or preamp, you will obviously notice a change in performance from your stereo system.
odd response, MrT.

I can definitely relate to your experience. From time to time, I find my system stops sounding its best. Usually it's become not more bright but more dull and has a sound I think of as "sour." All of the fixes you tried are possibilities, but I have found that the most common solution for me is usually related to power conditioning or power cables. But not before I spin out in my head about what a loser audiophile (and person) I am and how I need to sell everything and start over, or get out of the hobby. :-)
Glad I'm not just imagining this. My system is quirky to the point where it sometimes everything sounds like Peter Gabriels pressings (love the music, just sounds like they were mixed in a Sunbeam Mixmaster) and other times it's as it should be for $XX,XXX invested. Gryphon antimag works sometimes, break in discs, static reducers sometimes work. Likes voltages at 123, hates 121, but sometimes sounds terrible at 123. Lowthers don't like humidity changes, sometimes that's it. Over $10,000 in really good filtration in front of system...most times I just turn it off and it's in a better mood in a day or two.

I haven't figured it out yet, I just accept it as a strange fact that I don't discuss with non-audiophile friends, since they already have their doubts about my little hobby.
Do you run your preamp in active or passive mode?
Both. I turn up gain on preamp and run in passive. On CD i have to run active most of the time. Do you think my preamp is the weak link in my system?
On phono preamp I turn up the gain.