When you have a really good Pre/Pro

I guess you would want to connect your digital source like CD to Pre/Pro via Toslink. right? or do you still want to get good CD playser or DAC?

If you have subwoofer for stereo, too, like REL subs, Isn't it the only way to implement it anyway?

help me on this componets interconnects with use of Subs especailly for CD performance with Pre/Pro as a center of the system.
this depends on your choice of DAC. Just a 'better'DAC does not mean you will like it. which do you like to listen to? it is possible that a seperate pre/pro DAC is better on satellite receptions but not so good on DVDs.

Sorry, your question is one of taste and not of specs. Do what you like.
What are we talking??--Meridian 861/ Lexicon MC12??-- Specifics are needed for more helpful responces . A Rel sub--like most---can be hooked up 2 different ways. There is no self-respecting cd player with a toslinc-out that I know of. Sure just about all the dvd players have it.-- It will sound pretty good this way,I'm quite sure. Just that it will always sound so much better with a quality cd player and or quality dac. going into a quality 2ch pre amp.---Just to repeat myself;It will sound pretty good going into the quality pre-pro.--but there will be room for improvement--maybe latter when you're ready.