When you buy things online/phone order-Try to avoid...

Remember try to avoid things like discount/cash back...with prepayment by personal check/money order...Always pay by credit cards because they have a protection if problem occurs.
I was trapped by a company in Atlanta. They offered 20% off with personal check prepayment for speakers. Speakers never come. I called them everyday-they kept promise next week, next month, they are on the way...but never see speakers. I had to go through a legal court system and it took me more than a year to take my money back. This is my experience to share with you.
For years, I have been buying and selling via mail or now via the internet and I have NEVER been burned, but I have a few rules:
All deals are either COD cash/cashiers check or with VISA.
Unless the deal is with a local person (eyeball to eyeball), this is the only way that I have done business. If this isn't acceptable to the other party, I don't do the deal. The only exception is with cheap items that if I lost the money, it would be "no big deal".
I had the same experience a few years ago where they advertised discount on B&W etc. I sent $4000 to them for new 801 III's and waited for 3-4 months. Finally with verbal threats which usually do nothing to people like this I did receive a certified bank check which was good via Fed Ex. I know I was very lucky and now the rules now that Drrdiamond stated. I also noticed since then a very similar ad that is in the for sale items of Stereophile (where I found mine) is now a different company name offering discounts on B&W's, etc. BTW I then went as fast as I could to my local dealer to pick up my new pair of 801 III's and have been very happy since. I am very picky about my stuff and wanted them mint and new. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. Glad to hear you got your cash back.