When was the first time that you heard great sounding speakers?

For me it was 1977 at Purchase Radio in Buffalo NY. My brother and I were putting together a system that we would share at our parents house. The song was Aja by Steely Dan on a pair of Altec 19's that blew my mind at the time, I'll never forget it. They were a little out of our price range at the time. The system ended up being a Sherwood receiver, KLH speakers, a Technics SL-1950 and a cassette deck that I can't remember the make. Great memory! 
Maggie 3.6r's back in 2003 at The Listening Room in Baltimore. Had never heard sound as wide and spacious as that. Driven by acoustic research gear. Ended up buying both the Maggies and the ARC. 
Soundscape in Baltimore, MD near Roland Park.
The loudspeaker: Thiel Audio CS 2.4 - completely changed my life.

Happy Listening!
" Arnie Nudell and his Servo Statik 1 at CES. "

The Servo Statik 1A at Arnie's favorite dealer, Woodland Stereo. The model 1s were taken down and the 1As were being run hard and the weaknesses unveiled. Still sounded great.
1969, Acoustic Research 3As driven by Dynaco ST-70. Was hooked on audio since. 
@jafant I really liked soundscape. I remember demoing some totems there, although I think I bought them from the listening room later.