When using VPI 16.5 - how do you

distribute the fluid - dribble it? And, how many times do you scrub (rotations)?

I'm new to this, but using the standard VPI fluid and brush my worst records sound better and my best records sound nearly perfect.

I'm mid-way through the bottle and am thinking of replenishing with Art du Son as it has gotten good press, but my dealer recommends Nitty Gritty fluid.

Any and all suggestions will be carefully read and appreciated.
I pretty much squirt it on while the platter is moving. The point is to make sure that there is enough to completely cover the surface of the record as you scrub.

I have been cleaning records for many years and, for what it's worth, here's my thoughts on record cleaning fluids: I have used most of them and have found that the ones that stay on the record well work best. The VPI fluid does not stay on the record well, and in my opinion does not penetrate into the grooves very well. The VPI brush is also not very good for using scrubbing force on dirty records. I have settled on the brushes that are now being sold at Music Direct as Mobile Fidelity cleaning brushes. I have found these to work the best with the 16.5. I am also using the Audio Intelligent cleaning fluids, which are sold here on AudiogoN. I get the best results by using the enzymatic formula followed by the super cleaner when cleaning a record, even a new one, for the first time. Importantly, the Audio Intelligent fluids stay on the records and penetrate well and I end up using less that half the amount that I did with the VPI fluid. The Audio Intelligent fluids are reasonably priced to begin with and, like I said, do the job better than anything else that I have tried.

I have not tried the Art du Son fluid, but having been in this hobby for over thirty years, I've become skeptical of products that make claims about superior performance and seem to cost way more than they should. It usually turns out that they just cost way more than they should. Remember, record cleaning fluids are made up of almost all water so any miracle ingredient should not cause an atronomical price tag.

By the way, I usually scrub for about a minute and vacuum for two revolutions on dirty records. When maintaining previously cleaned records I using scrub for no more than thirty seconds using only the super cleaner. I make sure that the fluid is distributed thouroughly and that the brush is wet before I start applying any pressure to the record surface.

I hope that this helps. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions.
I squirt the cleaning fluid on my Disc Doctor cleaning brushes, than apply the wet brush to the LP, I usually scrub for about 1 to 2 minutes depending on how dirty the LP is then vacuum for two to three revolutions (static electricty is not a problem where I live). I am not a big fan of the VPI brush and prefer the Disc Doctor brushes I think they get into the grooves better. A couple important notes, you need to clean the vacuum tube Velvet lips after every cleaning session (I usually clean it after every 6 or so records) and don't forget to clean your brush after every session. I also have two mats one that I use for side one and after side one is clean, I put the other mat on to clean side two (It does not make sense to me to put the side you just cleaned onto a mat that just had the dirty side on it)

As far as cleaning fluid I have tried VPI, Nitty Gritty, Super Cleaners II (which I think the the Nitty Gritty wash), Disc Doctor Miracle Wash, Disc Doctor Quick Wash and Record Research Super Vinyl and Super Deep Washes. For the most part I would be hard pressed to tell the difference between any of them. However, for regular cleaning I use the Disc Doctor Quick Wash and for records that I purchase on eBay or at Thrift stores I use the Record Research Super Vinyl and Super Deep cleaners. My gut tells me that it really does not matter which fluid you use, that the wet cleaning is the main thing, just get the gunk out of the grooves.

Hope this helps,

I am anal,cheap ,and a slob.Let me expliajn that.Mike (head tech at VPI) knowing for gummy really grungy LP's I used LAST power cleaner and for lack of wear (I hear Touramat kept things a bit more quiet) he suggested I saved money by eptying a galon of distilled water into a large bowl,next I added 2-4 drops of dishwaher fluid (and though it may "leave ,more rsidue than say Ivory soap read on.I use Dawn since there are no ones with no die(reemmber when there was that big "clear" kick a few years a go-that might have been beter).Lastly to break up water tension I use 2-3 drops of Kodak "photoflow" which makes everything spread nicely into the bowl.I use the mix in my 16.5.In the beginning my "slob" comment because I put too much on.All the seams of the box split .I sent it to VPI and without charge they very cooley gave me a new one (I explained that that unit was only a few months old.Nxet to remove the cleaner I once again use a new Alsop pad (or a cleaner one for enmdings) then put on the LAST preservative.When I got my 16.5 back I followed somebodyy's suggestions and applied Valspar marine shellac with a small brush to all the seems in the box and around the switch plate.No more problems if I "splash" to much liquid on and have had unit for a d\few year with nop damage at all.It ain't cheap but neaither is your 16.5 or your LP's so i suggest Alsop saves a lot wear on felt tubes and as Fremmer pointed out does not spread crap from LP to LP.At end of all of this I use pain water to clean off re-cleaner,cl;eaner,and bad magic spells with hot watter only on the machine of a new Alsop pad.ASftyer all this is done the Lp's need just the Alsop every few cleanings an LAST cleaning for the few Lp['s I gte to playu 50 times over a year or so.Anal yesbut you ccan eat a can of Spppegehettio's off my LP (my g-D whay\t a thought!!!!!!)
Clean on
P.S Don't freak when you see the price of LAST power cleaner ( get in touc if you want a small discount I get froma buddy) but the Mike at VPI said he has had folks at shows ome up and say the LP had been treated from new and when played it sounds like it hjas been played half a dozen times.At something crazy like $175 a pint (I dropped a bottel one time with 1/4 left and I thought of those Chivas Regal commercials where they ask "Ever see a Grown Man Cry?"
P.S from Chazzbo
O course all of that suff mixed ain bowl I would forget the second most important ingrediant other that the surficant (the dish liquid.soap) but take the empty jug and and a pint of rubbing alchohol thne afte mixing it a bit pour all back into the jug.Of course you will be left with a point of liquid to dumpo i the drain but it might make mold spores immune (kind of like Alligators in NYC sewers) so I would say put it inpint bpttle and use as stopping stuffer.I have heard froma number of froma number of sources that alkcohol isgoiing to dry out but others including chemists have said "B.S>"Anyway this is a aslo a good reason with a new LP to do the final wash.I hope I said I only do all this B.S on new LP's ones picked up at tage sales or Ebay where they maybe gummy ans smoky,After that I just use 16.5 or Alsop evry few playes (I avoid dry brushes-cheap but just puch crap arounf even the best of them,).And if someone goes throughmy ritual or even 2.3 or it hit your LP with your Milty Zw\erostat to stop a charge from building up.Probaly do it about every 2-5 plays anyway,.Indespensible.
I have tried many of the other fluids and like the Art du Son a lot. The cost for Art du Son is quite reasonable. It is sold as a concentrate that the user mixes with water. Cost as I recall was $45 for a quantity that makes 1 gallon of cleaner. I also like Disc Doctor fluid but it requires a little more work.
Joe in Seattle
Again an insomnia response that probably was best ubnexcuted (though I would swear on a Bible or ina deposition I am this anal at least when I first get LP"s used or ven new ones to rid release compounds).Please excuse ANNOYING typos in my P.S>.Were so horrid I didn't even check my main note.
P.S.S. one other comercial products I haven't used but read that does agood job with mold spores is Bugtussell spray. Think somemcanbe removed but some when they are there they are mearly atins ans that with the multiple steps oputlined (Bugtussell or LAST Power Cleaner)that some once they are there they are just there.Heavy,actaul mold of course can be removed easily.When I have stored LP's in a basement in plastic 3 mil. covers have been happy that mold has just gotten to lip of plastic or inside, maybe a 1/4" down the cover but onto LP.LP's stored same way bought at tag sales without paper let alone rice paper/VRP's that's another story.There you could grow crops in the grooves and clean up nrequires every step I have mentined and maybe animal scarifice.
Last P.S. this string (I promise)