when the herb kicked in and your rig sounds perfect

It’s 9:35 PM.

We spend so much time searching for that prefect sound and let me tell you something. 
Right now at 9:35pm,  My under watted class D audioengine N22 amp hooked up to my Cambridge azur 551 preamp, from my project debut carbon and ortofon red hooked up with Amazon speaker wire to my KEF Q150s and my old Yamaha subwoofer spinning black pumas on an acrylic player....
....Sounds absolutely incredible. 
Enjoy. Don’t be critics fellas. Ride the wave......
Nice to just sit back and enjoy for sure.
Back in the 70s we bought Altec Lansing Drivers and built speaker boxes to Altec Specs. Powered by a Marantz receiver, Denon turn table with a Shure V15 type III cartridge. Have friends over and we would sip a beer and partake a little "Herb."  When you were fully relaxed we would take off our shoes and socks and face the bottoms of our feet towards the speakers. You could not only hear the tunes but feel the vibes!! Still enjoy the Alltecs, now with a cup of tea!!

I deplore, I detest, I down right hate that statement "Share The Wealth". It implies that someone who is unemployed wants you to "give" him a handout. That statement is very demeaning to someone who can't find a job and needs help.

I am of the "create opportunities" generation. Rebuild the infrastructure, meaning bridges that will save lives, and those people who work on the construction will not need anyone's "handouts".

  • "My, how fortunate I am to be associated with all of the "Superior" beings an Agon, but, I'm from a different generation, one that considered the fact that some people were born less fortunate than others, and those people need help from those who had the good luck of being born more fortunate."

Yes, they need help. And that help is a good thing as long as that help is voluntary and not done under the implied threat of violence through a third party. The 13th Amendment not only outlawed slavery but also outlawed involuntary servitude as well. 

"One addict show's track marks on their arms, the other a HOUSE full of stereo gear."

@oldheavymec....*LOL*  Now, That's insightful......

Is cheap 'Home AV' a gateway to tubes?

(I know....just being an 'extremist' here, but it struck me 🤪....)

BTW....I 'grew up' with 'mj', as alcohol was a PIA to procure.....and easier to obtain (@ least in SoCA....

I always disliked the effects drinking 'gifted' me with, although time 'n tide have allowed 'preferences' to exhibit.  Allows for 'something' betwixt....*S*

Personally, I've always viewed my 'preference' for a lightweight consumable as a Public Service...
...keeping it out of the hands, lungs, and esp. the minds of those who would simply and mindlessly Abuse It, potentially getting their aze in trouble or rubble.

Now...if one wants to light up and vague out with the hifi-er, Great.
Wonderful thing to do....

Only one better, but having an 'associate' assist and participate is best.
Doesn't generally last as long as an lp, or steaming (definitely....having tried....*G*...the latter....)....and your results may vary.....;)