when the herb kicked in and your rig sounds perfect

It’s 9:35 PM.

We spend so much time searching for that prefect sound and let me tell you something. 
Right now at 9:35pm,  My under watted class D audioengine N22 amp hooked up to my Cambridge azur 551 preamp, from my project debut carbon and ortofon red hooked up with Amazon speaker wire to my KEF Q150s and my old Yamaha subwoofer spinning black pumas on an acrylic player....
....Sounds absolutely incredible. 
Enjoy. Don’t be critics fellas. Ride the wave......
Longitudinal studies of all cause mortality has shown increased death due to cannabis consumption, however, its usage is far lower than alcohol, and not "mainstream", so comparatively, I am not sure comparisons are easy.

Cannabis, like alcohol is absolutely addictive, but similar to alcohol is not addictive to everyone. I think around 25% is the accepted stat of uses who have some level of problem, which I don't believe is too far off alcohol.
Typical morph of a thread.   To be different than some oh my.   Your body your choice.  

I found it most interesting that absolutely no one linked drug addiction and other substance abuses to economic factors such as "poverty".

Almost overnight, Detroit was left without jobs. How does one earn a living if there are no jobs? All over this country there are many "Detroits".

Can anyone imagine the psychological stress caused by homelessness? Most here don't care, just get them off the street and out of sight.

My, how fortunate I am to be associated with all of the "Superior" beings an Agon, but, I'm from a different generation, one that considered  the fact that some people were born less fortunate than others, and those people need help from those who had the good luck of being born more fortunate.

and anyone else who hasn't smoked. Making definitive derogatory statements about smoking is pure ignorance

I listen both ways. More often than not, I am much more aware of the ebb and flow as well as the feeling than I am straight, but I still find listening straight enjoyable
Get where you're coming from tweak1, but take away pure ignorance, what's he got left? So sad as it seems I am afraid we will just have to cut him some slack on this one. Well, and every one. 😂