when the herb kicked in and your rig sounds perfect

It’s 9:35 PM.

We spend so much time searching for that prefect sound and let me tell you something. 
Right now at 9:35pm,  My under watted class D audioengine N22 amp hooked up to my Cambridge azur 551 preamp, from my project debut carbon and ortofon red hooked up with Amazon speaker wire to my KEF Q150s and my old Yamaha subwoofer spinning black pumas on an acrylic player....
....Sounds absolutely incredible. 
Enjoy. Don’t be critics fellas. Ride the wave......
Some people want to rape and kill.  They should try marijuana.
Is this an audio forum?  Arguing about personal choices!!  Are there any Libertarians left?

Stewey, a very long time ago, I had equipment that was less than yours, but it sounded better than the "Audiophile high end" equipment that I have now.

My preference at that time was "hash and Courvoisier". I can still savor the sweet fragrance of that combination in my mind. I was employed as an electronics technician then. Not that it makes any difference, only to let people know that I was not engaged in perverse activities.

It's quite apparent to me, that these are the same people commenting on this thread who comment on "mega buck equipment" that they've never even gotten close to.

As long as you're young and healthy enough; "If smoking weed is your groove, groove on".
Cleeds, I do not care what Wikipedia or any other publications stand. In my experience, it relaxes me ... I use it for all the pain my arthritis causes me ... Besides that, it puts me in a better mood and allows me to enjoy the music so much more.
I think that's great - I'm among those in favor of legal marijuana and I supported its legalization where I live. Sooner or later, the federal government will have to catch up to the rest of us and change banking rules to accommodate the cannabis trade. But I believe in facts, and your claim that marijuana is not a drug is absurdly wrong. To promote marijuana use while denying that it's a drug is simply not responsible, imo:
Cannabis is neither a drug or a narcotic ... @cleeds, psychoactive drug? THC at best relaxes the body, I never had a psychoactive experience, ever.
My apologies to the forum for the inexplicable and inadvertent turn for the worse on the commentary and incessant debate throughout this thread. You know who you are. And thanks to those who do get what I was trying to explain.  Really the post that kicked this all off has little to do with Herb, only that I was hyper focused on how great the music was. Ultimately it’s all about the music and what it invokes in us, and the goosebumps it gives.  At some point, after all the research, technical specs, listening rooms, loaner equipment, and demonstrations... whatever it is that you plug in and power on, try and hear the forest through the trees and enjoy it.