when the herb kicked in and your rig sounds perfect

It’s 9:35 PM.

We spend so much time searching for that prefect sound and let me tell you something. 
Right now at 9:35pm,  My under watted class D audioengine N22 amp hooked up to my Cambridge azur 551 preamp, from my project debut carbon and ortofon red hooked up with Amazon speaker wire to my KEF Q150s and my old Yamaha subwoofer spinning black pumas on an acrylic player....
....Sounds absolutely incredible. 
Enjoy. Don’t be critics fellas. Ride the wave......
Yep, very tough to beat an herb infused great music listening session!  Glad you are enjoy the wave...
«Time stand still in the hourglass of ectasy«- Anomymus Smith
One of the best additions to my system is a designed-in-Canada Arizer vape. Incredible highs!
Hell, I am riding the wave but have to get back on land my munchies are getting soggy. Enjoy the music
Some waves completely restructure collectively our entire perception of what is possible. https://youtu.be/pYQQtxb8wv0?t=164
 Damn Dirty dopers. !

   Kick back w a beer, or a dram of fine scotch, and enjoy the tunes.
no need for drug’s in here.  

Amazing Miller. 
Artic. Easy there fella. No need to argue on a dram. 
Alcohol isn't a "drug". 
It's poison. 
All you need is a pack of squares to go with.
No, not a hypocrite at all,not angry at all.

      Seen my friend, go from weed, acid, to coke, to heron,  he has been a slave for 15+ years now.
arrested, plige ruined, etc. 

    I’ve not been a addictive personality, ever. !!
  Some people like my friend, get sucked in, and lose their lives.   It’s hard to watch a longtime friend, be arrested so many times, caught stealing, need the bar can shot so he didn’t die from overdose.       
        I know “it’s just weed, man”

              It does lead to other habits.  

        I’m no hypocrite, believe me, when you see it happen over years, it hurts friends, and family too!

  Smoke up johnny, don’t spread it like it’s a great thing to do is all
50% of the people admit to some type of OCD behavior or KNOW they have a problem with addiction. The other 50% are in PURE denial. Alcohol is one of the most serious drugs abused in the WORLD.. 
Tobacco, then coffee are 2nd and 3rd. ALL can be bought across a counter.. ALL will kill you dead...

Keep on thinking YOUR OK... Your not a hypocrite, your just an uninformed ADDICT, just like I use to be.. I just happen to admit it 40 years ago and own up to.. ADDICTION has been at the root of every civilization that has ever fell.. Me and the Good GOOD Lord are good. At least I don’t lie to GOD or myself, BUT know I’m powerless without HOPE.. BUT, I DO!!!

I HAVE HOPE, and because of that, I have lived without BOOZE for MANY years.. I personally pick my poison with a little more attention to cause and affect.. I’ve met very few that could handle their liquor with a glass of wine a day. It’s usually a bottle..

The FUNNY thing people say.

Retired Heavy Duty Mast Mechanic and STILL working with TAP from time to time.. Teamsters Assistance Program. IAM (1173) and OE local 3

NOW that you have some information, I welcome you to the fold of (at least) the informed. What you do with it.. PM me any time.. Live sober.. HELL NO, live informed about sobriety, HELL YES.. Less is better. Enjoy the coffee the smokes and wash it down with booze.. ALL LEGAL, right?? Coffee is a REAL tough one, too..

We are audiofilers addiction is in our BLOOD.. Wake up... :-)

It's the behavior that is the issue, not the drug.. FOOD is a drug... why do you think America is TWICE as fat as rest of the world. ADDICTION...

Tinker Tinker TWEAK..
arcticdeth, the problem isn't your friend (and you should know that), it's your (and I make a huge assumption here) country's horrible policy on "drugs", versus the real killers, alcohol and nicotine.

I am very proud my other country, Canada, has legalized weed, and is now contemplating - in light of the record deaths due to toxic fentanyl - full decriminalization of all narcotics.

As Gabor Mate perceives it, all addiction is rooted in trauma. It is a health crisis, not a problem of "problem people".

Enjoy your dram, I'd buy you a shot of Lagavulin if not for this confounded virus.
fusian, Canada understands the PEOPLE can make a GOOD informed decision. The US WAS an track. There is NOT an opioid epidemic anywhere, BUT there is a denial on ALL government parts that say, laws will help.. When in reality the LAW is the only problem we have.. BAD LAWS.. How many people in the USA did 20 plus years for a joint?

The answer is ONE TO MANY... Let a child molester out to molest again in 3 months and lock up an AMERICAN WAR VETRAN for 20 years behind a joint.. THAT JUDGE, LIFE without the parole. Every DAMN one of them... Start nailin’ up the hangman’s tree.. Were gonna clean out the LAW MAKERS.

10% of the population LABOR for a living.. WHAT? Pain is ok? Friggin’ dip sticks.. Drink? That’s why we started using opioids to begin with, to STOP so many people from dying from drinking issues. Using BOOZE as a pain management.. THE cost was JYNORMUS to the country.. Opioids were a solution for the working, so was pot...

No knock warrants, EVERYONE of those. PRISON.. Don’t knock again and see how many life sentences you get for murdering people in their beds... COWARDS... Everyone.. that does it and condones it.. SHAME!

So we are perfectly clear. NO ONE has the right to take the life of another. NO ONE. No country, no jury, no president or King or Prime Minister or ANYONE, To walk into a persons home and kill everyone in there because they have a warrant, and got the warrant because they bought drugs in the persons house from someone else.

YES they killed the DOG the WIFE and the MAN in Texas, and didn’t put one of the cowards in JAIL, NOT ONE..
I’m a TEXAN. Talk about gettin mad.. I was boilin’. Judge and Jury with a warrant? I don’t think so.. LIFE without parole, enjoy your stay guys and girls, turn your badge in at the DOOR..

Look at Hoover, for God sakes, talk about a disgrace to the human race... How many lives did he ruin, BUT lived in the closet, BUT persecuted and Prosecuted those that lived openly as they chose. DAMN Coward...

Got me goin’ now.. Geez...
It always goes alcohol "weed, acid, to coke, to heron."   Alcohol is the gateway drug, not weed.
Talk about a posting going sideways and fast this unfortunately is a great example.
Holy hell.
Was not expecting this thread to be hi-jacked by a 1950’s PSA.
Enjoy your hi-fi responsibly.
And as the great Sgt Hulka once said, “Lighten up Francis”
Both my systems always sound better with a little 420 to help.  Cannabis is NOT a gateway drug, that is what the Reagan Administration labeled it.  I have been using 420 consistently for 50 years and never once did I consider going on to harder things.  Cannabis is neither a drug or a narcotic. It helps more with my arthritis than any drug made for arthritis. 
stereo54,659 posts04-03-2021 11:48am
Both my systems always sound better with a little 420 to help ...  Cannabis is neither a drug or a narcotic ...
Cannabis certainly contains a psychoactive drug.
You guys are smart to not get caught up in this highly addictive narcotic gateway drug, one puff and your soul belongs to demon weed forevermore. This documentary exposes the true horror, if you can stand to watch it, just might save your life. https://youtu.be/zhQlcMHhF3w?t=1377

psychoactive drug?  THC at best relaxes the body, I never had a  psychoactive experience, ever.  Have you tried it or just repeating what people who gaslight  tell you?

Arctic, sorry about your friend but pot is not addictive, I don’t subscribe to “gateway” OP I am happy you had a fun listening session, you described my college years, listening to Waka Jawaka right now with a Dale’s Pale ale
stereo54,661 posts04-03-2021 3:21pm
Cannabis is neither a drug or a narcotic ... @cleeds, psychoactive drug? THC at best relaxes the body, I never had a psychoactive experience, ever. Have you tried it or just repeating what people who gaslight tell you?
When you climb you of your haze @stereo5, you might want to check your facts, if you can remember to do that.

Here’s Wikipedia, but feel free to confirm with your own sources (such as High Times), or whatever:

Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names,[a] is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant used primarily for medical and recreational purposes.[18][19][20] Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive component of cannabis ...
So in your mind smoking pot leads to heroin addiction, but drinking doesn't lead to alcoholism or ruined lives?
I am sorry about your friend, but he was the exception, not the rule.
Let's all chill out, shall we. Don't we have too many real problems in the world without creating one that doesn't exist.
It's just smoking a joint, kicking back and letting the music take over.
No different than settling in with a big glass of Margaux.
And for the uneducated, pot doesn't lead to heroin addiction. Just like having a beer doesn't lead to alcoholism.

It's completely legal in my state.  Just drop in the shop and walk out with a bag of potent pot.

I imagine many people who frequent this site have spent more on audio equipment and music than the many hardcore junkies spent on getting high.
FWIW, if you are of weak mind your gate way drug could wind up being a glass of milk. Just sayin

I do not care what Wikipedia or any other publications stand. In my experience, it relaxes me. I don’t drink alcohol, ever. That includes beer and wine as some people don’t think of it that way. I use it for all the pain my arthritis causes me and find it much better than the 800mg of Ibuprofen taken 3 times a day that was prescribed. Ibuprofen can kill your liver, cannabis can make you fat (think munchies). I will go with the Cannabis every time. Besides that, it puts me in a better mood and allows me to enjoy the music so much more.

The so called experts (Nancy Reagan and others) are all very full of you know what.
The better the buzz the better it sounds , good bad or in between its
 really only what you think that counts !!
I'm glad you found relief for your arthritis. That is really a good thing.

Herb Tarlek or Herb Melnick?
An addict is an addict. There is not a degree of addiction. But there is depth.

One addict show's track marks on their arms, the other a HOUSE full of stereo gear.

Same addict. 

The question is, did either person's addiction effect someone else's life along with their own?  Is the addiction controlling you, or are YOU keeping it between the curbs?  THAT is the measure of everyone's OCD tendencies.. 

THE MEASURE.. Just like the stereo, or guns, or sex, or Scotch, or eating, or playing with yourself.. Zipper Kings?

Wake up, we are all in the same boat, just some people are bailing water out, some are doing nothing and some are bailing water IN. 

I hope I'm bailing out MORE than is coming in.. BUT I'm sure not gonna say or do NOTHING..

POOR misinformed public about addiction..

The sad part is DOCTORS have rolled over to the public pussies. They are afraid.

WAIT till the next batch of broken down cops start retiring and the death rate goes through the roof.. Happens EVERYTIME... BOOZE and drugs without supervision leads to DEATH... Ask one of the BEST that ever lived.. PRINCE.. He would be alive IF he would have been treated by doctors.. NO question of that..

For those that chase the FIRST rush. THAT never happens again.. Learn sooner than later... Enjoy the music..  4321 todays date, the only time in history! 4321,
4321, 4321, 4321...

I don't personally believe that pot is any worse than alcohol, but I am not under the delusion that it is not a drug, nor that it can be addictive. Different people have different tolerances to chemical addiction. Some are very susceptible, and for them pot can be a gateway drug just as alcohol often is. If you "need" it to relax or unwind, you likely have a problem.

Oldhvymec, I agree with much of what you said, but there is a difference between an OCD / addictive personality, and a susceptibility to chemical addiction. I would not be too quick to paint with the same brush.

I think most can agree that senseless punitive laws targeting people that essentially are hurting themselves, only do more harm.  Portugal has shown that as I am sure others will.
The real problem for true audiophiles is that the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side of the fence. Very few of us ever actually accept "the best we have ever heard" as the "best we will ever hear". We 're sure that we can make it sound better. It's a disease with no cure. I cured mine because I'm old and I have wearied of the chase. My current system sounds really good. I know that the continued pursuit will only change the equipment that my non-audiophile inheritors will end up selling on ebay because they don't know squat about audio perfection. so I have given up. The younger ones on this forum will get there eventually. 
It’s been a long time since I enjoyed good music on a fine buzz, but damn, it’s sweet. 
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oldhvymec: What is your issue with cops?
Archdeth--  Sorry to hear of your experiences.  But I can tell you, I have a completely addictive personality.  Thus cannot drink.  PERIOD.  Cannot gamble PERIOD.  And no hard drugs.    Weed?  It has no addictive effect that I can tell.  I can smoke daily for weeks, stop for whatever reason, and hardly miss it at all.  (This is not possible w/ any other drug/activity I know of.). If weed could 'lead' anywhere, I would have been there long long ago!

As for listening.  Sure, the gear sounds great.  But being high also makes me aware of certain of the details my friends here are always trying to eliminate (stray echoes, harsh highs ... well, you know what I mean).  Still, yes absolutely:  what sounds good straight, will sound better wasted.
If you need some psychoactive substance to enjoy your hobby to the fullest, you might have chosen the wrong hobby.

If you can get so riled up about burning some non-nutritious plant, how much is all else that you are saying worth paying attention to?


I have a friend who says he can stop smoking any time he likes. He tried it many times and found out he could do it for a month, two, however long he decided to check at the time, without missing it at all. Years later, he still smokes. It is not addictive, he can stop.

Either light up or leave me alone.

"I know more old stoners and old drunks than old Doctors...."

The company you keep...

By the way, there must be more drunks and plant-worshipers in the world than doctors. Of course, it is easier to run across them. Sometimes, while they are laying on the street.
There sure are a lot of sanctimonious bores around here. 

Daft Punk, Titos Vodka and Sour Diesel.

So privileged to have easy access to legal cannabis, great music, great gear, and great people. I am very lucky. 
I tried marijuana once. It made me want to rape and kill. 

Some people want to rape and kill.  They should try marijuana.
Is this an audio forum?  Arguing about personal choices!!  Are there any Libertarians left?

Stewey, a very long time ago, I had equipment that was less than yours, but it sounded better than the "Audiophile high end" equipment that I have now.

My preference at that time was "hash and Courvoisier". I can still savor the sweet fragrance of that combination in my mind. I was employed as an electronics technician then. Not that it makes any difference, only to let people know that I was not engaged in perverse activities.

It's quite apparent to me, that these are the same people commenting on this thread who comment on "mega buck equipment" that they've never even gotten close to.

As long as you're young and healthy enough; "If smoking weed is your groove, groove on".
Cleeds, I do not care what Wikipedia or any other publications stand. In my experience, it relaxes me ... I use it for all the pain my arthritis causes me ... Besides that, it puts me in a better mood and allows me to enjoy the music so much more.
I think that's great - I'm among those in favor of legal marijuana and I supported its legalization where I live. Sooner or later, the federal government will have to catch up to the rest of us and change banking rules to accommodate the cannabis trade. But I believe in facts, and your claim that marijuana is not a drug is absurdly wrong. To promote marijuana use while denying that it's a drug is simply not responsible, imo:
Cannabis is neither a drug or a narcotic ... @cleeds, psychoactive drug? THC at best relaxes the body, I never had a psychoactive experience, ever.
My apologies to the forum for the inexplicable and inadvertent turn for the worse on the commentary and incessant debate throughout this thread. You know who you are. And thanks to those who do get what I was trying to explain.  Really the post that kicked this all off has little to do with Herb, only that I was hyper focused on how great the music was. Ultimately it’s all about the music and what it invokes in us, and the goosebumps it gives.  At some point, after all the research, technical specs, listening rooms, loaner equipment, and demonstrations... whatever it is that you plug in and power on, try and hear the forest through the trees and enjoy it.