When someone listens to your system for the first time.

 I recently had  a 30 something friend of mine, I'm 64, stop in for a bit and sit in my listening chair.  He is a musician and had never heard my system.  Decided to play him Sultans of Swing on my turntable. He was awe struck. Look of amazement on his face. he said he had heard the song countless times, but now knew he had never really heard it. He talked about the clarity, how wonderful the cymbals sounded, how awesome the bass was (thanks to the new subwoofers I bought). I played him a few more things, some Tony Rice, to hear some acoustic instruments.  He couldn't get over the soundstage and imaging. He said he knew why I sat in that chair.  He said he wants to come back, there are tons of songs he wants to now hear on my system.  I listen to music just about every night.  I enjoy my system, but sometimes get caught up in listening to the gear, wondering if I should change something.  Nature of the hobby. So nice to get a new perspective.  Reminder to stop over thinking and enjoy the music. 
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I played my system for my sons college friend and his other college friend. Three guys under 22 years old stayed glued to their seats for 3 hours and one of them jumped up every time he heard something new in the music. That was quite a rush to see someone react like that.
I'm in my late 30s and have played my system for close friends in their 60s with similar results. It's great to share this hobbie with people of any age.
I like the sentiment here but I’ve also had the opposite experience. My wife and stepson “don’t hear it.” Others do. It’s like you have the gene or you don’t. It makes the enjoyment a little more solitary than I like.
Reactions like, this is a different recording, this is live, and eyes following the performance are good to see. No worries for sweet spot too.