When's Delicate Sound Of Thunder coming out on DVD

Does ANYBODY here know when
Pink Floyd's
Delicate Sound Of Thunder is coming out
on DVD?
I know that Pulse has been out for a few years now,
but since Syd died in 06 and Roger Wright died in 08,
I figured they would want to release their
legacy Concert before their all dead.
I have been waiting for this as well. Hopefully some one will know the answer. Also anyone know if there will be anymore SACD releases. I had heard when the 30yr DSOTHM was released the Wish You Were Here was slated to be out as a 5.1 SACD. By the way it was Richard Wright, Riger Waters is still kicking.
Yes, you're right, it was
Richard Wright. I was typing too fast.
Anybody else have any answers?
Been waiting for years. This is my fav for sure. At the time I had it on lazer disc. I still think of this as one of the best videos ever. So, pic. and sound is better than any 'Floyd; even if it is sans Roger.
It was released on dvd by PMI in 1989. However, it was recorded in only Dolby Digital stereo and in the Pal format. It is a German issue. I have a copy, but I haven't played it for quite awhile.