When mounting a denon dl 110 in a Sumiko HS12...

for a technics 1210 do you need to use the auxiliary weight? Also, what should the stylus pressure be set to? Finally, do I need to reset the VTA to zero when I switch out the existing Technics head shell? Thanks for throwing a newbie a line--Cheers
I have a DL-160 mounted on a Sumiko HS-12, and I've mounted it with and without the auxiliary weight. Currently I use the auxiliary weight though and am happier with it that way. I prefer where the adjustable weight sits on the end stub with the aux. weight attached.

As for tracking, the 160 tracks about 0.2g lighter than the 110. I've set teh DL-160 variously from 1.6 to 1.9 g. I'm using 1.9 g now and am really happy with it, so if you track the DL-110 at its upper end, you'd set it to 2.1 g.

I think you'll really like this setup. If you don't have a KAB fluid damper yet, its addition will significantly elevate the refinement and ambience resolution of this combination