When It All Comes Together-Heaven

Tonight, I was playing theRhino re-issue of The Yes Album and everything just seemed to come together and sound so incredibly delicious. I put the record on and sat down to read the new Absolute Sound that came earlier this week and I couldn't even read a single word, I was so engrossed with the music. I listened to both sides of the record without reading even one paragraph of the magazine.

I have dreamed of moments like that but didn't think it was possible! My system is pretty decent, you can click on the link to see it. I am just bowled over by the entire synergy tonight and felt like sharing. I would love to hear of others experiences like that.

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Your system was telling you not to put all that drivel in your head that stereophile contains!!!!
Wonderful! This is why we do our hobby. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm.
Gotta love it when that happens.
Now it's time for a couple of your audio buddies to come over and tell you what all sounds wrong to them. :-)
Whenever that special moment happens to me, I've always believed it was mostly due to the quality of the original tape recording itself, "i.e.", the original mastering, mixing, etc.
"The Yes Album" is a good one!
Relax, it will pass soon.
Imagine what it would sound like with a tube amp?
got that experience when i played allan toussiants new album, bright mississippi. I had just mounted my universe on my apollo table and wow. It was like sitting in the living room with the piano in the room with you.
Hi Bob,

I've been transported numerous times when listening to analogue reel-to-reel tape! My current source is The Tape Project with reels of magic conveying the musical signal at 15 ips.

Best regards,
Actually, I had the opposite experience this weekend. Nothing sounded quite right to me, so I took a drive. Ended up at Best Buy and listened to two tracks on their "High End" system back in the Magnolia section... that's all I could stand.

Wow, what a "Morale Boost". Came back home and Everything Sounded Great!