When is your system good enough-and why?

Frank van Alstine once suggested that this should be measured by how much time you actually spent listening to your system (not Frank's exact words, but my summary). When the sense of pleasure of the "rightness of the sound" is added, I agree it is an excellent yardstick. I have traded many systems that gave me great pleasure for more capable ones that did not. My listening time invariably plummeted.
Many have replaced tube based systems that were wonderful at low volume but failed at so called "realistic" volumes or with demanding material, with solid state replacements did the demanding material, but never delivered the pleasure of it's predecessor. I wandered about for years before discovering some of the particular characteristics that made all the difference to me (tubes, surprisingly were not among them). Rather than recite my list (and perhaps have to defend it), I would like to take the coward's way out and ask others what they have discovered matters to them sufficiently to make their system "good enough".
IMHO, your system is "good enough" when you stop listening to the components and find yourself listening to the music.

I have achieved this with my current system. While it may not be everyone's cup o' tea, I feel that I can finally sit back for a few years and simply enjoy the sounds it puts forth...

when you are not on this site, ordering and reading audio rags and thinking of the next step, and if you ever thought about a new amp, pre, speaker and so on only to dismiss it because it will cut into your new music budget......your gear is good enough.
When you cannot remember the last time you visited the "For Sale" page of audiogon...
I guess mine is good enough since I haven't done any upgrade for more than two years.
your system is "good enough" when you have achieved your sonic goals. when you no longer are critical of the sound of your stereo system, your stereo system is good enough.
Good thread samujohn. I listen way to much for the expense of replacing tubes; so I went ss, after 20 years of tubes/only.---Not that that move has kept me from being a typical audiophile.---Most of us know there is better / more out there---(than what we may already have)At 69 years young,I doubt I'll change; till I start dribbling my oatmeal down my chest.---Even then, I just can't be sure.
I come to A'gon everyday and only check out the discussions. I'm more than happy with my rig so now all my disposable income goes to the music. My magazine-reading reflects this as I rarely read any of the audio mags anymore but still devour Jazztimes, Latin Beat, and various others.
Aren't all hobbies about the journey, and not whether you reach a destination? That's my approach to this hobby. To quote . . .
03-21-07: Onhwy61
My system was good enough way back in 1988. But that didn't stop me.
. . in my case it was 1975.
Agree with Bdgregory, NEVER, and the destination does not matter, just the journey...as a matter of fact, this hobby is a mirror of life itself: you always have enough because you always have more than the average human on earth but you never have enough because there is always something better or at least different out there...you can be content early and diversify your interest or you can always be chasing the Graal yet never invalidate the precedent choice, you can be happy never being fully satisfied or you can be unhappy to reach a state of satisfaction and then move on, you can change system when you are unhappy or you can work on improving your system when you feel it is becoming boring....but the ultimate system does not really exist and if it did, it would be very very sad and depressing. AMEN.
Thanks for the remarks guys. I recently listened to a current Wilson system w/ Halco amps etc. It was very dynamic and in a huge room. My little living room would be lost inside- as woulld my bank account. However I did not pine, knowing as we do that a newer better system is just around the corner. My next thread will be about just that. What do we all want now!!. Get your list ready.
thanks to all,
For me the sound is a thrill and exhilerating experience every single time I listen (music or movie). I have no need to add gear anymore.

Realistic live music levels and a convincing timbre/soundstage presentation with low distortion is what does it for me (room acoustics and speaker are, by far, the most important factors to me). I respect that others will have different views... this is simply what turns my crank.

(I never experienced the constant struggle that others seem to face with CD players, DAC's, interconnects, cables and inadequacies of SS gear - all minor insignificant differences to me. I liked Vinyl when it was the only thing out there too. I'm just lucky I guess. I will admit to being frustrated that most modern pop CD's are deliberately compressed and sound like CRAP)
It makes the music sound as good as possible. It doesn't cross the line where I start worrying about sounds and components - bad CD quality, bright I/C's, etc.
My current system is good enough now that I look forward to listening to it every night. It's also new enough that there still is room for improvement without changing components. I'm not sure it will ever be good enough for me not to want to make it sound better. I replaced my speakers and electronics last year after 7-8 years with my old system because I felt there were new components out there - the new ARC gear and Vandersteen Quatros - that could give me a quantum leap in sound quality at my price point.