When is your Hifi good enough?

Just wondering what makes people tick in regards to determining when things sound "good enough"?

For me I have a vision in my mind of how things should sound based on what I have heard over the years.  Once it sounds that way, I am done.   I can still enjoy listening to other sounds or sounds that omit some things I might want otherwise but if I do not get regular samplings of "that sound" I probably start to wonder.
When it's ten at night, the lights are out,[the little LEDs on the equipment and the tubes on my Mac MC60s are enough]-and I don't have to get up the next day. I don't have an uber expensive system, but it blows me away. Good enough!
Our system is good enough when improvements can no longer be made.
Or, reaching Audio Nirvana...
It depends entirely on the individual. Some people are always on the "hunt," while others find a comfortable patch of audio goodness and stake their claim there for the long haul. I used to belong to the former camp, but for the last five years or so, I've been firmly in the latter. I know my system can be improved, and I may make a few small tweaks here and there to get me a little closer, but for the most part, the rig does the trick for me, and I haven't felt the need to make a big change in a long time. I think I got the fundamentals right, and that's a big step. If something blows up and I need to replace it, then that's a different matter! :)
The best measure for me I can come up with for if my hifi is good enough or not is how much time I spend listening and how much I look forward to the opportunities.

If my interest wains its usually an indicator that something is not right because I have always looked forward to spending leisure time just listening to music.
Just got through 1812 Overture on Mercury Living Presence  cranked to fairly realistic volume.  I am just getting of my knees where I was crying and sobbing.  😩

Its good enough.     Blew me away and nothing blew out in the process.   😗