When is Wish You Were Here going to be SACD

Or Mark Knoffler,


Likely not anytime soon. MFSL passed on doing a cd remaster because the master tapes were in such poor shape. From what I know, there is no good copy of that album on any medium except perhaps the original vinyl.
When TSOTM was re-released last year i was told at that time WYWH would be the next release. The same folks that did the DSOTM would be doing most of the Floyd catalog in both SACD/Hybrid and Vinyl
I too am waiting
Be careful with "new" SACD releases of rock/pop albums! Many use a 16 bit digital master, so you are essentially buying a regular redbook CD encoded in bit stream SACD! The best sounding WYWH that I have heard is the copy from the "Shine On" box set released in 1990(?). This copy is FAR SUPERIOR to the Jap. CD pressing. Also, I compared "THE WALL", on gold MoFi CD, with the aluminum CD, again, from the "Shine On" box set. The "Shine On" pressing ws the clear winner. MoFi CD's, in my opinion, were hit or miss! Some sound great; others are disappointments. I have 4 Elton John MoFi CD's: Tumbleweed, Honky Chateau, Goodbye Yellow Brick Rd., and Madman. The first 3 sound great, but Madman is a sonic turd!!! And Madman is one of the more expensive MoFi CD's!
Fatparrot-there are 3 versions of WYWH that are better than the Shine On version imho.I have 4 different versions of the CD and one part version.
The gold Sony/Columbia version in the long slip case.
The '95 newer remaster (Shine on Was about '93 if I remember right)on EMI.This was also released in mini vinyl replica style about '99 but the disc/remastering was the same.
Finally most of the album tracks are available on the Echoes collection.
I don't believe there to be too much between any of these versions even the newer ones but the Shine On is noticeably inferior to my ears.
Any of these 3 sound great despite the criticism above.
Can't anyone 2nd either Fatparrot or Ben Campbell,

This is getting very interesting,

Question for Fatparrot Q- if the disc is remastered in a 16 bit digital master , is it still called a DSD version?

I own the Pink FLoyd Dark Side of the Moon and love it! The sound is great! If more people buy SACDs the label will be willing to release more pop and rock SACDs. IMHO the only way SACD and DVDA is going to survive is the release of "Classic Rock" SACDS. I would like to see all the Pink FLoyd discs rereleased as SACDs; like the labels did with the Rolling Stones, Peter Gabriel, and the Police. We need quality Rock SACDS: Where is Led Zepllin, Beatles, Rush, Queen, The Who, etc. How is SACD going to survive if the major labels release minor artists or ones no one has ever heard of. Also the SACD version needs to be released the same time as the Red Book one. What does everyone else think? SACD going to survive or back to ANALOG?
I cant answer your question but I have the Mobile Fidelity Gold version of DSOTM and it is substantially better than the SACD played in Stereo.....and I do mean substantially better....After reading all of the raves of the SACD I had to compare, but there is none. I'm very disapointed.

I am compairing on a very high quality red book D/A and Transport vs a top of the line Sony.
I have to second Ben Campbell, the longbox gold WYWH is as good as any I've heard, to my ears anyway it was the best sounding between it and the Shine On version.

Proy, have you tried the XRCD of Brothers in Arms? That is as good as you'll get if you want a great Mark Knopfler recording, though I do agree that an SACD or DVD-A of either of these artists, as well as those mentioned by Mark7767 are long past due!
Zep have already released a disc on DVDA -I don't know if this means they'll stick with DVDA.
DSOM on SACD was a wash out for me too-the biggest strength of this release apparently was the multi-channel mix.
I don't want to get caught up on the SACD/Redbook controversy again but even pro-SACD Audiogoners have found the odd hybrid better on the Redbook layer with older recordings.
Also there are those who do not rate SACD unless the disc was recorded in DSD and obviously these old rock masters weren't.
I suppose you shouldn't underestimate the effect some more major SACD releases would bring but it is a contentous area as to how good these releases actually are.
I'd like to qualify my last line because I mean if SACD does actually bring a major advantage over the CD layer on hybrids.
Most of the hybrids I have heard (DSOM excluded)show a big advantage over their previous incarnations/mastering on CD and are excellent.

As always trust your own ears.
What does DSOTM & DSOM mean?
Spotted Roger Waters recently buying a new system in Manhattan audio store. Does this mean he is upgrading to SACD ?
Unfortunately we do not know what source he purchased ,so no insight there. (but SF fans will be pleased to note he acquired Sonus Faber Amati Heritage.)