When is thiel going to upgrade the 3.6

any word?
FWIT, During my recent tour of the Thiel plant, there was no indication that such an upgrade was in the works. Considering that they've revamped practically their entire line (twice in the case of the 2.2), it would seem such an upgrade is long overdue.
Hopefully Zaikesman will be along shortly to share what he learned during a recent factory tour. Seems like it will be a wait for the 3 series, nothing beyond the idea stage at this time.
It would have to be something truly special to displace the 3.6. I suspect the caliber of the 3.6 has a lot to do with the long wait. I'm in no hurry - if it ain't broke.....

Drubin accurately reports what I learned on this front, same as Kinsekd found. My best guess is that a replacement would be close to a year off at least, but I can't say based on what I was told whether it will be the next model introduced or not. I did learn, unsurprisingly, that they are not selling too many 3.6's any more, just a few here and there. This would seem to be an overdue step for the model line and sales, but I did get the impression that a lower-priced subwoofer was a competing priority, as well as a high-priced flagship floorstander to a lesser degree. Also, I did *not* get the impression that anything particularly revolutionary is in the works for the 3.7, despite the long wait - it seemed as though the delay was primarily the result of having other projects take precedence during a time in which the 3.6 was still holding its own in the marketplace, a circumstance which would seem to have passed its heyday by this point...
Here's what Shari told me a week ago:

"The CS3.6 speakers should be the next model to be upgraded. We are hoping that we will have a CS3.7 speakers in about a year."

Tmoran, I'm jealous. Why did she share this information with you and not me. :o)

Seriously, any word on when a more affordable Thiel subwoofer might come out?