When is the last time you randomly ran into

an Audiophile? I think it has happened to me once in 15 years.
It happens to me very occasionally.
(Three times that I can think of in the past 25 years.)

We're a dying breed it seems.

(Although, I have created a couple of budding audiophiles myself, so I'm doing my part to keep our hobby going!)
It never happened so far. Don't know any either, except my online friends. That's one of the reasons I spend so much time posting here. Being a lone audiophile can be isolating.
I used to have to call my friend in mlps minn to blither about stuff that a non audiophile would think your crazy.(We got your back foster).Untill recently my brother out in seattle here started upgrading and started to build a simple system.Hes got the bug,he always said hes done buying stuff(smirk).I dont think its a dying hobby so much as it's a hobby you either have the cash for or are willing to pay the piper later.I know my priority's have been out of sorts for the hobby...
Foster: I'm with you. I haven't ran into an audiophile
in about 12 years.
:( wah!