When is the Best Time to Sell Eqpt?

Is there a certain period where people are looking to buy 2nd hand hifi? Just wondering.
Do you mean time of year or something else by "period"?`
I think between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a bad time because people are spending money elsewhere, and any audio gifts are most likely going to be new stuff. For a buyer it is a good time. I noticed that some no reserve Audiogon and eBay auctions on some nice equipment went really cheap.
There is no good or bad time to sell audio equipment. Your ability to sell depends on the demand of the actual unit and your selling price. Usually, the re-sale value for well known manufacturers are better than for less established ones. If you price too high (i.e. 60%), your ad will get limited responses. Good luck. cheers....
Thanksgiving/christmas is a bad time from my experience. Seems like a lot of gear is for sale but not moving lately. It does make sense since people are spending for gifts, plane flights etc. I would guess that tax return time is probably pretty good !
I think that some of the above notes have points, but one should not confuse a slow economy (this year) with trends. When people are nervous about spending extravigant audio gear is generally one of the first expenses to be cut from a budget. Late fall is usually the best time for dealers, because people start spending more and more time indoors and a/v upgrades will be used more often than other times of the year.
I think prime selling time is around March. People getting tax refunds and company bonuses at this time. Also, we're all going nuts with cabin fever so it's easier to rationalize (deceive?) oneself into an extravagant purchase.
it's all just a matter of the willing seller meeting the able buyer. particularly if you're selling multi-k stuff, no time/season, IME, is any better or worse than another. the worst possible time to sell, of course, is when you really need to.
The best time to sell your equipment is just before it craps out. Sorry, bad joke.
Hey,-- I think the best time to sell is when you have found something you can't live without/ can afford/and don't mind getting 1/3 for your old stuff. When all three are there; go for it; the time is right.