When do you need a power conditioner

I have HT set up with about 11 components. I currently have a Monster stage 2 clean, which is carried over from my previous set up. The difference is I have separates now, is that enough?
IMHO Never hurts to have one in any system.
I bought a PS Audio Premiere Power Plant, used, about a grand. The improvement it made in my stereo was unexpected, and I have dedicated lines. I bought another for my theater and again, I got improved picture and better separation from my surrounds. So, I really believe in these things. I even had to turn down the setting on my Darbee, a terrific product in its own right. You have a lot of things to power, and the PPP can handle ten at most. I was using Pure devices but they were really killing the sound of everything plugged into them. Whatever you decide, compare the strip to the wall. If the strip isn't better, don't use it!
I'm just breaking in a Blue Circle 2X PLC Thingee as I write this and all I can say is yes indeed, a good power conditioner makes a great difference.

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Yes, the right PC absolutely helps. But first of all, tell us if you have a dedicated line to your rig? I would start with that.
Not familiar with your Monster stage 2, but sometimes you need 2 PCs in a large system.
No dedicated line
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1st get a dedicated line to your system.
Regardless if you have a dedicated line or not the power conditioner is going to help tremendously. Not everyone is able to run a dedicated line but one is highly recommended.
Thanks for the response. Sorry guys, I'm a novice at this, what do you mean by a dedicated line? Can any electrician do this? The power hungry items I have are the Mac mc205 and a Marantz pre, others are a TV, ps3. Oppo and etc.
Yes, I would think any licensed electrician could do it, however it would be best to search the forums for this and even post your questions, as you need to tell him some details. IMHO, I would run at least 2(1 for analog and 1 for digital), same phase at the box, 10 gauge wire, 20 amp breakers, and 20 amp outlets that are not nickel plated.
Good advice from Tls49. If you are in a house, 2 lines would be easy and recommended. BTW, "dedicated line" means your system would be separated from the rest of the electrical and have it's own breakers. No more interference from sharing AC with the lights, fridge, etc.

If not able to run a line, the right PC would improve the sonics of a system and would provide a lower noise floor. Research the archives, lots of info.
Thanks everyone, I will look into it.
Question, getting a dedicated line is out for me. I have a great deal on a Furman Elite 20 pfi, now this unit comes with a 15 and 20 amp power cord, since my outlet will be a standard 15, will this work, or should I just be looking for a 15 amp line conditioner?
Dedicated line (or 2) 1st. Then consider power conditioning especially if you live on the grid.